Put an open kitchen in your life ... And long live space!

Put an open kitchen in your life ... And long live space!

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If you suffer from claustrophobia every time you see a small, closed kitchen, Say goodbye to the partitions and see everything you can get!

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Take the dining room to your kitchen with a table king size and accompany her from a bench or stool like these to give her an air rustic-chic.

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If you are lucky enough to live in a house in the country, take advantage of the views and fill the kitchen with large windows! You will have natural light through a tube.

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Of wood

An open wooden kitchen will offer you two elements: naturalness and spaciousness.

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The Nordic style is always a success, and more in a house as beautiful as this one!

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To encourage contrast between spaces, opt for an eclectic decoration that mixes different styles.

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With mosaics

A mosaic floor combined with aged wood, will give that rustic touch and vintage that will make it the center of all eyes.

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Industrial and with aesthetic pieces vintage, like the SMEG fridge. Not the ideal combination?

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A very kitchen chic where the floor is used to delimit the spaces. Bravo!

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Why not? The color black is a trend in kitchens, and you will be great to differentiate it from the rest of the rooms.

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But if you are looking for something more serious and neutral, choose a range of gray tones!

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More kitchens!

Do you want to see a few kitchens in white? Well, accompany Pusheen here.

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