Alocasia, a different plant

Alocasia, a different plant

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Netherlands Advertising Office - Continue reading below 1 Technical sheet Holland Office

Light. You need plenty of light, but without direct sunlight, since the leaves lose color and could suffer burns.

Temperature. They do not tolerate the cold, below 12º C it loses the leaves but they will come out again in spring. He likes rather warm temperatures, between 18º C and 22º C.

Irrigation. It is necessary to water, with water without lime, abundantly in summer and little in winter. It is convenient to spray the leaves as it needs a lot of moisture, and often remove the dust with a damp cloth.

Fertilizer. It should be done every 15 days with special fertilizer for leafy plants, preferably rich in sulfur or potassium to favor growth. In autumn we will reduce the supply of fertilizer to suspend it in the winter.

2 How is it Holland Office

Alocasia, also known as Elephant Ear, has its origin in India and Sri Lanka. It belongs to the family of the aráceas, it has a thick and fleshy stem, which grows for three years and can reach five meters in height. Its leaves, green, arrow-shaped and very sharp nerves can reach the meter. It is like having a little jungle inside the house, in fact, due to its large size it needs a large place to be cultivated. The smaller Wentii variety is the most used in decoration; Variegated Wentii, has marbled leaves with grayish-white spots.

This plant comes to bloom, but, almost always, only when it is planted outdoors.Its flowers are fragrant and scarce and are not born at the same time, when one dies another leaves. They are also not too visible since they are hidden between the sheets. In some countries they are used for human and animal feed because of their high protein and carbohydrate content in the form of starch, although it has calcium oxalates that makes it quite irritating. Its leaves also have vitamins A and C and latex is extracted from them.

3 care Holland Office

What is the best place to have this plant at home? Ideally, place it in a very well lit room where there are neither drafts nor too much heat. It is not convenient for direct sunlight. If it is on the terrace you have to put it in semi-shade.

What type of substrate is the most suitable? Although it grows well on any substrate, it is best to have a light, well drained soil, mixed with sand and not acidic.

At what time does it bloom? Flowering, although very scarce, as we have said, always occurs in summer.

Which pot is the most suitable for this species? Due to the large size of this plant, it is best to put it in a fairly large pot that is proportionate to its size and that supports the weight of the plant very well.

Is it necessary to transplant it? Yes, it will grow better. It is advisable to perform the transplant during the spring, every two years approx., And to a larger container.

4 diseases Holland Office

Although it is a very resistant plant, so it is little attacked by pests or fungi, we must be careful if we detect some of these signs: - The leaves fall. The leaves fall. This may be due to lack of water or moisture. Increase watering and place the plant on a plate with pebbles so that it drains well and frequently moistens all the leaves. - The leaves have black spots with the yellow border. This is due to excess water. We will reduce the risks a bit and, after spraying the leaves, we will dry them a bit with an absorbent cloth. - Leaves with chlorosis, yellowish or brown titos and on the other hand finite cobwebs. This indicates that the plant has a red spider. Use an acaricide to kill her.

5 Cacti to create a cleaner environment Holland Office

According to experts, some cacti absorb the electromagnetic waves produced by computers and other devices, which is why Flowerbox offers you the Cactus ce-reus peruvianus, called the Cactus of the computer, which absorbs these waves leaving clean environments. It is small in size, has no spines and comes in beautiful containers for you to choose.

6 Fertilizers Holland Office

How to recover the plants if they have spoiled during our holidays? Ferrotene, a rich liquid fertilizer with a micronutrient complex that revitalizes all plants in just a few hours.

7 Gardening books Holland Office

For lovers of plants and gardening, the publishing house Everest has published Indoor Plants, from A to Z, € 16.95. An essential book to know everything about more than 200 species and with great ideas to decorate our house with plants.

8 Gardening books Holland Office

300 Questions about Gardening, € 16.95. The title already indicates that in this publication we will find very useful practical advice and the answer to many of our doubts in the care of plants.

9 Supplements for plants Holland Office

Vitamid K, a natural extract of algae, with vitamin B12 and K3, perfect for plants that appear withered by lack of light.


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