Mexican style: 10 ideas for a living decoration

Mexican style: 10 ideas for a living decoration

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Mexico is synonymous with joy, warmth, cactus, mariachis, tacos, margaritas ... And all this is reflected in a decoration dominated by striking colors and natural materials, such as wood or ceramics. You dare to see our proposal more hot?

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Pink and green are essential to achieve a Mexican-style decoration, and that cacti are not lacking!

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An oasis at home

In addition to colorful textiles, dare with a wallpaper with botanical motifs and enjoy your homemade oasis.

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A Mexican lounge where the wooden panels that cover the walls combine beautifully with the color of the cushions. Ideal for a bohemian lifestyle!

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Frida's corner

This patio is ideal to meet with your friends or ... to inspire you and paint a picture full of color!

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Mexican dreams

If you want to have a very cheerful bedroom, choose colorful Navajo prints and decorate with seedlings.

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Al rico chile

It's over to throw the food boats! Because now you can turn them into planters that original.

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Earth tones

If you are looking for a warmer and less flashy room, combine earth tones with a white background ... and cactus!

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Colorful mosaics

What a simple way to reinvent a boring room!

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Permanent vacations

Yellows, oranges, wicker pieces ... Everything to get a colorful terrace and enjoy an endless vacation!

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Natural light

Do not forget to fill your terrace with lanterns and garlands, they are details that will make a difference!

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