We recreate the decoration of the Víctor Ros series

We recreate the decoration of the Víctor Ros series

The series, directed by Carlos Navarro, Gracia Querejeta and Jorge Sánchez Cabezudo, It tells the story of Victor Ros, a teenager who flirts with crime until a policeman rescues him from the street and turns him into a magnificent inspector who will revolutionize police techniques.

The six chapters that make up the series, aired on Spanish Television 1, they are inspired by the mystery novels of the writer Jerónimo Tristante. Two great sets - one of them reproduces the houses of the upper bourgeoisie of the late nineteenth century and the other is a replica of a Madrid street of the time - and the application of virtual technology with infographics, they move us to Madrid in 1890.

Advertising - Read on below A modern police brigade

Victor Ros, played by Carlos Francino, revolutionizes police techniques. For the first time he introduces fingerprints, forensic entomology and deductive procedures into the investigation. From left to right, the members of his brigade: Blázquez, Víctor Ros, Crespo, Sánchez, Horacio Buendía and the elusive Carballo.

Coffee, alone or with milk?

Clara Alvear collaborates in the investigation of Victor Ros to solve the mystery surrounding her sister. The inspector's visits to the young woman's house increase, and love arises, cup by cup, around coffee.

Around a nightstand

With a round envelope, I always presided over a flirtatious corner in the houses of the bourgeoisie. The concept of the watchman was also transferred to cafes: with marble envelopes, round or square, they became forums in which political and bullfighting news generated passionate debates.
Pedestal table Angers, from

A little glass of Jerez?

The liquors were exclusive patrimony of the gentlemen, but there were two exceptions suitable for the consumption of the ladies: the Jerez and the cognac, especially when some disgust caused a slight vahido. The carved glassware of the model Spring, from Vista Alegre, it evokes the delicacy of cups and jugs used by females.

Where the secrets hide

The female dormitory was a forbidden territory for gentlemen. What was very practical to hide love letters in the drawers of the dresser, between scented silk garments with lavender bags. Moycor Vic signature, comfortable Angela

Your hat please

At the end of the 19th century, no gentleman walked through the streets of Madrid with his head uncovered. Which posed a basic problem: what did they do with the hat when they got home or, in the case of Victor Ros, to the police station? The coat rack was, therefore, an essential piece. East, vintage It is from Nordal.

The opulence of the bourgeoisie

With financial resources, his goal was to get a house that mimicked those owned by members of the Madrid aristocracy. Cabinetmakers' furniture and chandeliers - like this one from Lladró - marked the tonic at a time marked by parties and events.

United by the mystery

One case, that of Clara Alvear's sister, unites the young woman and the insector Ros. The lady's passion for intrigue and mystery leads them to a close collaboration that soon becomes a love affair. Have you noticed the globe that appears in this frame? If you like it, consult the following image of the gallery.

Let's go to the table

Some key aspects of the Víctor Ros series take place at the table of Don Augusto Alvear, Clara's father. Like the moment when Don Fernando de la Escosura reveals the tragic loss of his family and his intention to find a new wife. The tension between Clara, who refuses a marriage of convenience, and her father - to whom a millionaire son-in-law would solve his bankruptcy problems - end when the young woman, angry, leaves the table. A solid design with capacity for at least six people, similar to this one, from Nordal.

A globe ... very complete

The nineteenth-century knights were interested in colonial expansion in search of new businesses. If, in addition, the globe included a bar cabinet full of bottles ... success was assured! This is from

Portrait of a lady

The Víctor Ros series reflects a time when young women from wealthy families married men who their parents chose for economic interests. Clara Alvear represents denial and the struggle for freedom of decision. Although Ros's infidelity will lead her to accept an arranged marriage ...

The passion of Lola, the Valencian

In love with Víctor Ros, this beautiful prostitute becomes a serious problem for the protagonist's love stability with Miss Clara. Attractive, passionate, intelligent and aware of the social inequality that separates Victor from his young lady, his kindness will make the inspector debate between serious doubts.

The bed, metallic

The aesthetics of the late nineteenth century were characterized by wrought iron beds, with historically designed headboards topped by bronze or brass spheres. In you will find models that recreate those lines, such as Julia -in the image- that includes a matching aquamanil.

In his honor I have cooked ...

The ladies of the upper bourgeoisie had service for housework. However, when an important character came home - in the series Victor Ros, Clara's future fiance -, the lady struggled to cook a special dish, which was boasted on the table to record the tribute. Dishes, soups and fountains were indispensable for the staging. With its golden edge, the dishes Gray pearl, de Villeroy & Boch, evokes the classic designs of that time.

The dishes, safely

The fragility of the glass in the glasses and the porcelain in the dishes required protecting the utensils from bumps and falls. At the time reflected in the Víctor Ros series, the precious pieces of women's trousseau were preserved from all risk within a sideboard. This is the model Australian, of the firm Moycor Vic.

The scientific-deductive methods

Victor Ros is the transition to the current police investigation. For the first time, the captain's brigade strives to look for fingerprints and to perform autopsies. Aldanza, the advisor who guides you on the paths of science, will become a key character in the mystery.

The jar of essences

In them, the scientist Aldanza stored samples of sera and chemical elements that he used in his research ... and in other activities related to them. This glass jar, from Greengate, recalls the peculiar apothecary of Víctor Ros's advisor.