10 kitchens with love for nature

10 kitchens with love for nature

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With the arrival of good weather, the least desirable thing is to lock yourself up at home, but if there is no other choice, what better way to do it in one of these kitchens that look like an extension of the forest?

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The white underground tiles give this kitchen a very fresh air, although not as much as access to the garden!

Pinterest: Claire Leraudat

Direct connection

With nirvana! Because you won't tell us that this kitchen is not paradise ...

Pinterest: Lara Ochoa


With an inner courtyard that is pure magic!

Pinterest: Vivianne Martin

Panoramic views

A kitchen with such windows is perfect to feel like George of the jungle while you prepare ... some pancakes!

Pinterest: Maite


Is there anything more relaxing than cooking in a cottage overlooking the forest?

Pinterest: Ariana Anthony


With a chandelier style lamp and an island that has nothing to envy to the Caribbean! Although access to the garden is wonderful ...

Pinterest: Ana Jiménez


An island of precious wood that harmonizes with the exterior nature.

Pinterest: Jessica Walker

A little bath?

Are you cooking some lentils and it's so hot that you would throw yourself in the water? Well, with this kitchen, you have it easy!

Pinterest: Veronique


A striking design lamp in this kitchen with very green views.

Pinterest: Cherisse Otis

Everything in sight

Kitchen, dining room, living room ... All connected in a space overlooking the garden!

Pinterest: Marnie Foulis