An apartment with industrial decoration

An apartment with industrial decoration

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Interior designer Alejandra Pombo took care of the reform of this bright Madrid home, located in the area of ​​Nuevos Ministerios. Finished the works, they surprise equally the distribution, functional and modern, and the interior design, cozy and with a current aesthetic, which combines white with materials such as wood and glass. As for the spatial organization, the creation of a large room, which share a living room-kitchen, stands out. Actually, the living area is separated from the rest by a glass enclosure, sliding.

In everyday life, its transparency makes visual connection and extraordinary luminosity sufficient to perceive them as a single space. For the coatings, the interior designer opted for uniformity: white on the walls and a European oak floor Oil treated, an elegant tandem that provides the home with a chromatic unit. He only changed the white color to a dark gray in the living room, in a recess in the wall, where he delimited the work corner, and in a horizontal, extra long niche, on the sofa, to expose various decorative objects in style.

Separate chapter deserve the bedroom and bathroom-dressing room. In the first, a lacquered and smooth headboard, which integrates some original bedside tables with a drawer, is an impeccable design, which also brings warmth to the rest area. For the bathroom, the interior designer projected a functional distribution. First, it created a separate space for the toilet.

Advertising - Keep reading below Cozy atmosphere

The play of chiaroscuro in upholstery and walls gives each piece greater visual relief. The mix of contrast cushions and the carpet, with a striking chromatic duo, make the room warmer and energize the decoration.

L sofa and chaise longue, designed by Pombo Studio, with upholstery by Pedro Ros. Cushions and plaid, from Becara. Rug of The Rug Company, in BSB. Tables: center and auxiliary, by Hanbel. Interior designer Alejandra Pombo reform.

The right dose ...

Mixing colors is fine, but without saturation. How to achieve a chromatic balance? The answer, in this carpet-cushion mix of this room. Cushions, from Becara. Carpet, from The Rug Company, in BSB.

Details and reforms

Going around the project several times is a guarantee of success. The new house should adapt as a glove to the needs and tastes of the owner. Perfect the niche on the sofa to wear any object; you also have to consider its color, measurements, lighting ...

With views

The covered terrace with sofa and table, made with pallets by Pellet Maderas Cepa, and stools, by Hanbel.

The recycled style in outdoor spaces

To make the sofa and the coffee table, from Pellet Maderas Cepa, several pallets were recycled and painted in white. More comfort? An upholstered mat and cushions, by Francisco Segarra.

Urban gray

The dark color, by contrast, delimits this bright work space inside the room, well located in a wall recess.

Desk and bookcase, by Pombo Estudio, in iron and demolition wood. Armchair, by Hanbel.

Vintage objects

Fever vintage Bet on decorating with yesterday's pieces, like this machine. But also, if you have one and it works, surprise family and friends by writing with her the next invitation.

An almost diaphanous room

A glass enclosure, sliding, visually connects, and communicates, the living area and the space that the dining room and kitchen share.
Its transparency creates a feeling of greater amplitude and enhances the luminosity.

To highlight, the concrete pillar, an element loft-factory which harmonizes with wrought iron and wood furniture.

Free movement in the dining room

Natural wood and white, in addition to wrought iron furniture, make up a harmonious and balanced atmosphere in the dining room. Its successful distribution respects the passage areas.

Table designed by Pombo Estudio, with knockdown wood top and wrought iron foot. Armchairs, from Vitra. Hanbel's lamp. Table runner, trays, baskets and vases, from Ikea. Split air conditioner from Samsung.


The light they project and its effect is the most important. But the design follows closely. If you choose a model that adds style and has a visual impact, the environment will win. Hanbel's lamp.

The kitchen

The windows conditioned the distribution of the furniture, solved with success. In front of them, there is only countertop and low cabinets. The multifunction island and the bar favor the visual connection with the dining room while cooking.

Lamps, Light Years. Ovens, by Neff.

Toned colors

It is very natural to present this table, which also harmonizes with the furniture in wood and wrought iron in the dining room. Look at yours and think about other options to present the table as soon as you have occasion. Household, by Ikea. Oils, from La Chinata.

Communicated spaces

The glass makes the light spread from one part of the house to another. Interior design plus: an extra long bar, which separates the kitchen from the dining room and allows the visual connection between them. It is used as a high table for breakfast and informal meals.

Kitchen, designed by Pombo Estudio and made by Neuhaus a Doc.

Kitchen with island

On the back wall, furniture up to the ceiling with integrated ovens, separated by an open module, practical for utensils and decorative objects.

In the center, an island equipped with ceramic hob, sink, a large work surface and more cabinets.

The main room

Plaid of pistachio linen and gray and white cushions, by Kieffer by Rubelli, in Dolz Collection. Green and plaid cushion with geometric patterns, by Nya Nordiska in Macarena Saiz.

The bedroom

The use of several colors is key to give more visual interest to the bedroom: while the gray headboard softens the intensity of the black sofa, several slate cushions alternate with other whites. The surprise color, which focuses attention: a pistachio on one of the cushions and two plaids

Wall-mounted washbasin

Next to the entrance to the bathroom from the bedroom, the ajar door that separates the toilet and a large heated towel rail, next to the shower cabin. In the foreground, the solution to place the washbasin is almost appreciated, almost in the center of the bathroom: a glass sheet mounted on a half-height wall, which allows the anchoring of the washbasin and the installation of water intakes.

Single lever tap, by Leroy Merlin. The towels are from Zara Home.

More clarity

The glass is key in the distribution of the bathroom, where the sink was not attached to a wall, but to the shower screen, with translucent glass up to half height.

Washbasin, mirror and bedside table designed by Pombo Estudio. In the shower, hydraulic, of La Serena. The sculpture on the bedside table is by María José Alonso.

Plan and distribution of housing

Coatings: In a space with white walls and oak flooring the decorative options are endless. In this case, you bet on a look urban where the light gray headboard allies with white to qualify the sobriety of the black canapé.

Textiles: In this decorative scheme, with such a small initial color palette, textiles give that touch of style. Feminine, glamorous, serene, elegant, exotic ...

Here, the cushions and the cover multiply the white-black-gray trio, that's why the introduction of the pistachio color has so much visual impact. It's a matter of choosing a color and betting on it.


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