A delicious red fruit smoothie by layers

A delicious red fruit smoothie by layers

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Milkshakes, smoothies, milkshakes, slush ... There are many options to prepare a fresh, healthy drink that combines fruits, milk or yogurt, seeds, nuts and even vegetables. But this time we opted for a nutritious red fruit smoothie.

The beautiful thing is that we will do it in layers, so your cup will be the most colorful.


Difficulty: Easy Time: 40 min

INGREDIENTS (4 people):
- 200 g of blueberries
- 3 tablespoons honey
- 100 g of strawberries
- 100 g of cherries
- 6 natural yogurts
- 3 dl crushed ice

Step 1

First layer: Put 2 yogurts, one tablespoon of honey and 200 g of blueberries in a blender glass. Add half a glass of crushed ice and beat. Divide the mixture into 4 glasses and put in the freezer 15 minutes.

Step 2

Second layer: put another 2 yogurts in a blender glass and a spoonful of honey. Add half a glass of ice and beat. Spread the mixture in the glasses that we have in the freezer and leave for 15 min.

Step 3

Third layer: Beat 2 natural yogurts, a tablespoon of honey, 100 g of strawberries, 100 g of cherries and half a glass of crushed ice. Spread the mixture in the glasses and leave in the freezer 15 min more.

The result: A colorful red fruit smoothie

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