20 simple solutions to organize a small bathroom

20 simple solutions to organize a small bathroom

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Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Sort the newspaper articles in trays

Staggered trays are a great way to add more space to a countertop. Tutorial at The Hamby Home.

2 A decorative tray

Order the countertop of the washbasin with a simple second-hand tray to stop all the jars, bowls and other accessories. Eat tutorial. Sleep Decorate

3 Take advantage of the medicine cabinet space

Take advantage of the space of the medicine cabinet walls with these decorative magnet strips. Tutorial in The Merry Thought.

4 Dressing table accessories

Prevent brushes and jars and cans from falling off with an acrylic organizer (from € 16.80 approx .;

5 Use spice shelves as shelves

Do you need an easy DIY project? Recycle cheap spice shelves for storage in the bathroom. Tutorial in Our Life in a Click

6 Drawer Dividers

In many stores you will find these dividers for drawers to avoid dosorden.Tutorial in Organize & Decorate Everything

7 Hide accessories in this closet mirror

Kill two birds with one stone with this DIY mirror full of shelves inside. Tutorial in Shanty 2 Chic.

8 Become an organizer with glass jars

Fans of glass jars will love to organize their beauty items on this shelf with magnets. Tutorial in The DIY Playbook.

9 Store your stuff in an auxiliary cart

Paint an auxiliary car to add color to the bathroom. Tutorial in The Brave Life.

10 Hang boxes or baskets

Try this project if you need a place for towels. Tutorial in Making Lemonade.

11 Organizer with 3 shelves

A corner shower organizer like this adds vertical storage for shower products (€ 19.70 approx;
Photo courtesy of Amazon

12 Always clean shower

Rinse the shower screen after each use to reduce the accumulation of soap residue. Try the Command Bath Squeegee and Satin Nickel Hook stainless steel cleaner (€ 16.80 approx .;, which can be used on glass, mirror, tiles and more.
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13 Organize your lotions

Display perfumes and creams that are beautiful and that you use daily in a small shelf. Similar at Myriad Wall Shelf (€ 28 approx .;

14 Bathroom shelf

Avoid drilling the walls with ladder type shelves. Tutorial in Ana White.

15 Make your own shelves

These DIY shelves not only add much space, the wood adds a warm touch to the walls. Tutorial at Love, Pomegranate House.

16 Reuse a shower organizer

This shower organizer can expand the alcanake space of the washbasin cabinet. Tutorial in 320 Sycamore.

17 Organize hair products

These drawers are adapted to the interior of the washbasin cabinet (€ 14 approx. And € 18.70 approx .; and you will have everything you need on hand.

18 Order detergents under the sink

You won't be lazy to clean the bathroom if you have all the cleaning products on hand with this Lifewit Under Sink Organizer (€ 28 approx .;
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19 The rolls close

The support for InterDesign toilet paper, Axis will help to take advantage of every millimeter of the bathroom (€ 13.60 approx .;
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20 Order the accessories

Keep the washbasin countertop clean and clear with this organizer (€ 18.70 approx .;