Guide to teas and infusions

Guide to teas and infusions

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The world of infusions and teas is fascinating. For every problem there is a delicious solution. Aches, nerves, insomnia ... everything fits in a kettle.

For example, if you are looking to get up and have energy From the first hour, nothing like an infusion of black tea or green tea. A healthy and delicious breakfast!

On the opposite side, to rest and sleep deeply, you can find good allies in the infusions of chamomile, citron or melissa.

And the bad digestions? Gut pains have the days counted if you start to include in your diet after eating an infusion of fennel, basil, citron, peppermint or melissa or cinnamon.

The sickness typical of the first weeks of pregnancy or menstrual days can be fought with delicious infusions of peppermint, melissa or chamomile.

To relieve stress, nothing like basil infusions with melissa and if you are looking for a good antioxidant ally, include green and black teas in your diet.

And a secret, if you suffer Colic steadily, relieve them and foresee their appearance with infusions of melissa or cinnamon.

These natural remedies will show you their power in every sip. Try them!


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