The incredible transformation of an old and dark apartment into a modern and current loft full of light

The incredible transformation of an old and dark apartment into a modern and current loft full of light

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Mauricio Fuertes

In the purest style of American loft ... but located in Palma de Mallorca. This floor has the best of both cultures. On the one hand, the white color of the island and a color palette full of liveliness and joy. On the other, the architectural plan that reminds so much of the city of skyscrapers, with open surfaces, communicated on two levels separated by a steel loft. Nothing to do with the floor it was when the architect Christine Leja, from the design and architecture office found it.

It was an old building with a long corridor and tiny rooms. Dark, ugly, sad ... however, the reform was gradually discovering a series of treasures that the numerous previous works had hidden. To begin with, a mast of a sailboat ... But the most interesting thing was to discover the real height of the roofs, of more than 5 meters, which greatly increased the useful space. Thus, a useful steel structure could be created at the top, connected with a staircase. In it a large bedroom was installed that has a suite sofa area.

Check out all the rooms in the house after rehabilitation.


Floor lamp, acquired in Hay. The sofa and the white armchairs Ghost They are from Gervasoni. Mauricio Fuertes

The seating area has a magnificent perspective and is very well lit, both by natural and artificial light, with a floor and table lamp.

The ceilings camouflage the white beams. The sensation is of a greater height.


The stools are from Schwung Home, and the kitchenware, from Bloomingville. The kitchen cabinets were made to measure. Mauricio Fuertes

Next to the living area has been the kitchen, separated from that by a bar that also serves to eat. On top of this, a steel structure was built that houses the master bedroom and also has a suite.


Pink armchairs are by Bconnected and the cushions by Maisons de Vacances. Mauricio Fuertes

The white background is animated with cheerful and summery touches: an old blue carpet, pink armchairs, and cushions of different colors and.


The chairs are the model Plastic Side Chair, from Charles & Ray Eames. Mesa, from Bconnected. Mauricio Fuertes

The dining room occupies a very intimate corner, lit with a Arco floor lamp and antique wooden chandeliers. In the background, a great sofa-bed for napping.

In the purest style of American loft ... but located in Palma de Mallorca.
Mauricio Fuertes staircase dining room

A great idea: the workbench has a step to support the feet. He has dressed in colored cushions and gray mat that reproduces the tone of the mezzanine structure. The set has a very attractive industrial air.


The bed has been dressed in blue plaid and cushions, from Maison de Vacances, purchased at Organic Studio. The carpet is from Bloomingville and the dresser recovered from Bconnected. Mauricio Fuertes

The main room is on the upper level, protected by a steel safety railing.

The design of the loft, in steel, accentuates the marked New York loft style.

The other bedroom has been installed in the recess of a wall recess and extends into the hallway, which widens at the height of the window.

The blanket is from Hay, and the cushions, from Maison de Vacances. Mauricio Fuertes
Blue, lavender, Gray, Violet… A super harmonious color gamut.

Textiles add dynamism: linen bedding, pouf with capitone and antique carpet are from Bconnected.


Wicker basket, from Zara Home. Stool, from Bloomingville. Mauricio Fuertes

The rustic wooden washbasin cabinet brings a warm tone to the space. In it the towels are ordered. Matching, a nice rustic wooden stool.


In the reform made up to the last usable centimeter was calculated. On the lower floor: the living room, dining room and kitchen share the same space. Behind the workbench of the dining room is the second bedroom and a bathroom. In the loft, the large master bedroom.

Infographic plane

The ground floor It is practically transparent and superbly organized. The decoration is fresh, carefree and very modern. Wooden furniture initiates the traditional spirit, together with contemporary pieces and industrial elements that give it a chic touch. Textiles provide color, softness ... What is said a perfect fusion!

Realization: Andrea Pussin. Oriental blue chest of drawers Lola Home € 249.00 Copy style


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