Tomatoes: varieties, characteristics and recipes

Tomatoes: varieties, characteristics and recipes

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Tomato is a fruit, although its most common use is as a vegetable. It provides vitamin C, in addition to vitamin A, K, iron and potassium. It is good for the skin, prevents constipation and is diuretic. Almost nothing!


Pear Tomato (red and yellow): Elongated and oblong, these tomatoes - the yellow ones are sweeter - are meaty and tasty, give body to cold soups, such as gazpacho and salmorejo. They are also good for canning.

Tomato branch: Vivid red and slightly bittersweet, perfect to spread on bread and use in pizzas and doughs - they do not moisten them so much. Also for sauces, which thicken better and faster.

Cherry tomato… or cherry, named for its similarity to this fruit. They serve as a snack or as a hot side dish in meat and fish dishes. Roasted with herbs - rosemary, basil, thyme - they are delicious.

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Kumato Also known as black tomato, for its appearance - from dark brown to golden green. It is a hybrid, mixed varieties, with sweet taste, but with a point of acidity. It contains more fructose than traditional red tomato. Try it in thin slices - its meat is firm - and dress it with oil, garlic and herbs.

DID YOU KNOW… ? Throughout history, more than 10,000 types of tomatoes have been grown.


Tomato Raf: It is characterized by its appearance, full of grooves, and its dark green color. A tomato with a special point, which is best consumed raw to enjoy all its flavor. Delicious in salads, it pairs well with those that carry smoked fish, such as herring and anchovies.

Santiago's black tomato. You can only eat this Galician native tomato in summer. Medium in size and dark greenish red, it offers a fleshy, juicy pulp and an intense flavor. Its texture is soft - not passed. Exquisite with some salt flakes ... Mmm!

Beef heart Its large size and shape give it this name. Rich, juicy, aromatic and with very thin skin, a tomato "five stars". Ideal for eating raw or marinated overnight with oil, lemon zest and peppermint. Being quite large, it is ideal for cooking stuffed with meat, tuna ...

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In a saucepan with water toss the peeled and chopped tomatoes and the same amount as their sugar weight. Add zest of 2 lemons and juice from a third party. Stir over medium heat without stopping 45 minutes ... Ready!

TOMATO AND celery juice