A flat in the city: Open spaces to gain slack

A flat in the city: Open spaces to gain slack

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Situated in Girona, the deteriorated state of this 100 m2 flat, the excessive fragmentation in its distribution and the shortage of light and natural ventilation in part of the interior rooms, called for a thorough reform. The interior designer Lara Pujol ( was in charge of open spaces that will generate that feeling of spaciousness. Something complicated, considering the narrow and elongated floor of the house. To begin with, the most relevant areas - the living room and the master bedroom - were located at the two outer ends of the house.

In the area of ​​being, it was decided to unify the three existing rooms in the original distribution in a only open space to combine the functions of living room, dining room and kitchen. Thus, a generous area opened to the main facade was created. At the other end of the house, the master bedroom was located and, in addition to integrating a complete bathroom, it has the plus of having 10 m2 of terrace. Between both exterior areas, a dark and narrow corridor served as a distributor to two other rooms and a bathroom, all interior. The problem was how to bring light to these other rooms. Several tricks were used for this: paint broken walls and ceilings in white, place light bulbs in strategic areas and Mirrors everywhere.

While the original viguería was preserved and restored on the ceilings, the pavement had to be replaced. A laminated parquet throughout the house, except in the bathroom of the master bedroom in which microcement was placed. For the decoration of the house, simple furniture was chosen, without stridency, many of them made to measure, which gives the house uniqueness. Some design piece, such as model chairs Eames The dining room, and a good number of paintings and sculptures dotted throughout the house, give it the artistic touch. It is important to highlight the lamps, some of them made with recycled materials. Sublime!

A complicated reform. The interior design project was based on opening spaces with the aim of gaining breadth and luminosity. For this, partitions were eliminated, environments were unified in the same space and different heights were arranged, in the living room and in the master bedroom. Sockets were avoided throughout the house; To keep the volumes cleaner, mirrors were placed and LEDs were installed on the ceiling to illuminate dark areas. Old structures were respected, such as the wooden beams of the ceiling and the old carpentry of a room, although they had to be restored. As for the furniture, we chose the discretion of custom-made pieces and the originality of singular decorative objects in the form of sculptures, paintings and ceramics of artisans from the Empordá area. It is important to highlight the lamps, recycled pieces with a lot of soul.

Approximate budget.

Masonry € 16,500
Carpentry € 17,000
Painting € 3,500
Facilities € 16,000
Kitchen € 5,000
Furniture € 8,000
TOTAL € 66,000

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Total white to capture the light. The house was painted as a whole in a broken white, in contrast to some ceiling beams, where a darker shade was used

Floor lamp

The excessive fragmentation of the original floor forced to unify the living room, the dining room and the kitchen in the same space. Facing the balconies, the living area was furnished with a sofa, a sideboard and nest tables. Furniture and floor lamp designed by Tocat pel Vent.

Dining room at another height

After the sofa the dining room was arranged, integrated and separated at the same time from being by a step. On the ceiling, two longitudinal LEDs allow to better illuminate this corner.

XL table

A long white lacquered model and four designer chairs with the black seat form the simple and cozy dining room. A hanging lamp illuminates the area. Pictures, in Tocat pel Vent.

Mini shelving

Three shelves were placed on the wall in the corner of the dining room, which, depending on their height, fulfill different functions: the upper one is mimicked with the air conditioner, the middle one serves as a shelf and the lower one serves as an improvised desk.

Breakfast bar

In front of the dining room, the kitchen was arranged, with high and low paneled modules in melamine that imitates oak, to give continuity. At the bottom was the sink followed by the ceramic hob and a closet where to store dishes and food. As a curiosity, the whole set is supported by metal structures that facilitate cleaning
ground. Hyttan cuisine, from Ikea.

Panel in the kitchen

The wall next to the ceramic hob was covered with a panel, similar to that of kitchen furniture, to avoid splashing. A few spotlights on the ceiling illuminate the kitchen in a general way while in the hood LED tubes were placed that provide light in the cooking and work areas.

Integrated bathroom

The small dimensions of the bathroom next to the master bedroom determined that the partition was removed and integrated into the room, although at a different height. Thanks to the step and the microcement floor, it maintains its independence. To enlarge it visually, the door was replaced by a glass enclosure. Furniture, from Ikea. Sanitary, of Roca.

Glazed door

A large window and a glazed door through which you access the terrace make the master bedroom enjoy an extraordinary natural light. In the center, in front of the bathroom, the double bed was placed, dressed in household clothes in gray tones. On both sides, two wooden logs make original bedside tables. Textiles, from Teixidors, for sale at Tocat pel Vent.

Work wall as headboard

The classic headboard of the bed was replaced by a work wall whose shelf with cover serves to store sheets and pillows inside. It was painted in black and white, consistent with the gray range that prevails in the room. Two lamps were placed on the ledge, one at each end, and between them, a painting on the wall.

Doors with pivoting opening system

All the doors of the house were specially designed for the project: lacquered and with pivoting opening system. For this bedroom, a piece of hydraulic mosaic was used as a fun handle. At the exit awaits the huge hall-distributor of the rest of the interior rooms, located right in the center of the house.

Large format mirror

As it happened with the ceiling of viguería, it was decided
for respecting the immense wooden and glass doors of one of the interior rooms. It was enough with a sanding and a coat of paint to make them look like new. The leaves are kept open or closed to the pleasure of the owners, depending on the use they make of this stay.

Carpet and pouf

Still to decide the future of this room in an elongated way, at the moment it was left semi-clear to use as a play corner, dressing room, office ... A carpet, a pouf and a mirror, supported on the wall, makes it seem wider.

Light installation drawer

On the wall facing the door, a drawer was made that conceals the electrical installation while serving as a shelf. It was sized longitudinally as a sill to support the headboard of a future bed and the lighting was integrated into it. A pouf bed, a trunk and a lamp made with a fire extinguisher complete the furniture. Lamp, by Tocat pel Vent.

Paneled mirror door

Upon entering the house, a narrow and long corridor welcomes us. At its starting point it widens to form a generous lobby that expands thanks to the paneled mirror door that gives access to the bathroom, with shower and laundry. Spotlights that illuminate the ceiling To provide light with a dark area, such as the corridor, two symmetrical sconces were placed on the wall that focus directly on the beams painted in white and in a darker shade, as in the living room .

XL mirror

The collected dimensions of the second bathroom forced to choose a piece of furniture, to avoid feeling overwhelmed, and an impressive mirror on the sink that perfectly fulfills its function: visually expand the space. In front of him is the toilet. In the background, you can see the shower with screen and a door that communicates with the laundry. This area was used to place the washer dryer. Furniture, from Ikea. Sanitary, of Roca.