7 shelves to store your books in style

7 shelves to store your books in style

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Readers and collectors have started sharing photos of their shelves on Instagram. And now, in addition to storing their favorite books, they also worry that each of them looks pretty. Whether in alphabetical order, colors, or with the spines out, placing the books has become an art!

But such an image would not be complete without family photos, travel memories, plants and other decorations around your favorite novels.

And to prove it, we have selected the 7 most stylish Instagram shelves!

1. Is there anything better than a "beach" bookstore full of literature classics in the same colors and sizes?

2. An orderly and colorful bookcase, with beautiful editions both new and old.

3. The colorful flowers decorate this collection of books that was already striking in itself, full of modern classics and novels!

4. The owner of this wonderful library sorted by colors likes her collection so much that she even scales for it!

5. White, black and blue: the colors of this shelf that achieves aesthetic perfection.

6. Decorated with figures and an antique trunk, this room is the dream of every reader!

7. Placed by colors, the books in this library complete the cozy atmosphere with the reading chair.

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