The best tips to get a comfortable, cozy and practical lounge

The best tips to get a comfortable, cozy and practical lounge

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Meetings with friends and family, parties and also moments of tranquility, relaxation, mobile and series. All this and much more is lived in your living room all year. But stop to think: you like her decor Or do you think it's monotonous? Would you change something? Do you think it is comfortable? The current rooms They are decorated to feel good, and not to formally receive visitors.

Comfort and functionality go hand in hand, and the careful and personal decoration defines them. We have asked what key points to consider and what tips do work when it comes to welcoming and stylish. Optimum distribution, light and color palette. Andrés Medina, interior designer of the Decorando tu Espacio studio, is clear about it: "the first thing is to study the space and define the distribution well" to pass later "to one of the great challenges in a project: lighting".


Sofa, rattan armchair and poufs, by Ikea. Tables: center, El Corte Inglés, and auxiliary, Maisons du Monde. Carpet, by Lorena Canals.

The rooms were created to receive visitors, but today the important thing is that, in addition to having an impeccable image, they are very comfortable. Sofa, armchair and that chaise longue that allows you to stretch your legs are chosen by design but, also, for the comfort they provide. Its measures? Those allowed by space; Measure it and choose the furniture according to the meters you have.


De Maisons du Monde: sofa Francisco (€ 899), table Karla (€ 399), armchairs Judith (€ 350 each), pouf (€ 89.99), bookshelf (€ 999) and carpet (€ 179).

What colors to use in the most vivid space of the house? Stay with three shades and add the wood to gain warmth.

"Spend time choosing the type of lighting or even the tone of the light is essential," he says, adding: "Decide your color palette, what tones you will use and in what proportion - sure you want to give color to your home but not you want it to look like a four-track circus - look for a color palette that matches your style. " As for the decoration, Medina considers that "if you have a favorite or collectible piece, so that it looks you have to fulfill a fundamental premise: not everything can shine. You may have a dozen pieces or precious furniture, but not everything can be the focus of attention. You should highlight those pieces with lighting and good complements. "


Sofa, by Latorre. Bank of Batavia. Extractor hood, from Elica.Interior design, by Ivory Escapes.

If you are looking for breadth and that natural light floods everything, the solution is called open concept. Many reforms already include it; It is about creating an open space with kitchen-living-dining room, which responds to a current lifestyle in which the three are a family and social gathering place. Yes, the kitchen is no longer hidden.

Armchairs, from Ixia. Cushions, by Pepe Peñalver. Denzzo cupboard. Decoration, by Pipa Interior Design.

There are no walls anymore, what should I consider? The location and facilities that the kitchen needs, the lighting of the new floor, which will change completely, and the distribution of furniture in the living room. It is convenient that the kitchen and living room furniture share the same aesthetic line, and that the furniture of this does not interrupt the perspective.

Coffee table, Vivonita. Rattan armchairs, from Cado. Kitchen furniture, by Gelse.

That beams and load pillars appear when walls are demolished to extend the room, it is usual. You will succeed if you consider these structural elements as key pieces to give personality to the space. In this reform, of the Egue and Seta study, concrete, a trend material, has been combined with wood, hydraulic and microcement to delimit the environments.


Sofa, by Roche Bobois. Armchair and mirror, by La Maison. Mesa, by Luzio. Lamp, by Artemide. Carpet, by Sacum. Interior design, from the Xmas Arquitectura studio.

In the small rooms, a huge coffee table overwhelms! On the other hand, a circular, without edges, favors the passage. Stay with a single armchair and choose it lightly to move it when necessary.

From Ikea: Friheten sofa bed (€ 399) and Storsele armchair (€ 99).

Creating a second environment in a room with just the right space is possible when studying multiple alternatives. In this case, the sofa is not attached to the wall - the first option that is almost always thought of - and it was a success, because it has been used as a storage area and, in the corner, a paint atelier has been earned; a desk for a home office would also fit ...

Sofa, by La Oca. Ceiling lamps Disa, edited by Tunds.

When there are few meters it is essential not to saturate the environment with many furniture so that its distribution is optimal and the circulation is fluid. Bet on those with various uses, such as this room under the window, which takes advantage of the corner, can be used as storage furniture and is an extra seat for several people.

María Salazar, interior designer and florist: "My advice is to be clear about the style you have / want to give to your salon. The most important thing in decoration is that your spaces talk about you; think about that piece or fundamental pieces for you and that will be the axis of the room, and decide what color range your living area will take. " Among the usual mistakes, Medina highlights "not wanting to take risks. Clients are afraid to get over the idea, but when they see a good project in a magazine like this, they would love to do it at home. The secret is in the balance, not overload the spaces, but don't fall short either. "


Shelving, by Ikea.Interior design, from the architecture studio of Rocío Monasterio.

Wall to wall and custom made or a standard design but that fits like a glove in your living room? The two options are good and will be even better if you can turn the library into a more versatile piece of furniture; For example, with doors in some of the shelves for you to use those closed modules as a sideboard, bar or office furniture, especially if your dining table has long been serving the desk function.

System Banks Stuva (€ 69 each), sofa Eskilstuna (€ 799) and other furniture, from Ikea.

With children at home it is essential to find solutions for their things, and easily accessible to all. The one in this room is based on banks with aligned drawers.


Paper Gipsy Garland (€ 62.26 / roll) and upholstery (from 57.81 / m), by Vanessa Arbuthnott.

Wallpapers have the ability to transform space in an afternoon! Use them to highlight, for example, one of the walls of the room; You will be surprised how it acquires greater decorative relief.

Role of designer Tyen Masten for the firm Coordonné (€ 85.61 / roll).

Change the chip: prints Multicolored are not shrill or saturate. After placing a paper as chic as this, will you think why I didn't do it before?

Cushion: cotton Tulipomania, from Sanderson, in Gancedo (€ 80.22 / m).

Flower upholstery, stripes, geometries, strong or soft tones ... The deco effect of each one is different, so if your living room is already outdated run to renew the fabrics! Inspiring, the look of fiber chair with cotton pad colorful.


Table Listerby, from Ikea (€ 149).

The sofa is the king of the living room; we want it to stand out, that nothing around it eclipses it, and that everything adds style, right? But then the question arises: What coffee table does it combine with my sofa? Before choosing, think about these points: the meters you have, if you need to keep something in it or if you will use it for dinner ... With those clear ideas it will be easier to get it right, and then, with it in the living room, decorate it with a still life of chic pieces that reflect your tastes. Vary it from time to time and you will see how it acquires a new air.