When the lounge becomes an amusement park

When the lounge becomes an amusement park

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Singles, as a couple, with children ... You can live in a thousand ways, but each and every one of them needs their moments of fun, alone or in company ... And what better place than the hall to escape worldly concerns? Whether large or small, size does not matter, just the imagination and the desire to create! And as IKEA is clear, we have prepared 8 examples of leisure and relaxation in which yours is sure ...

Advertising - Keep reading below A fantasy world

At night, lounge. By day, a fantasy world at your feet ... How to get it?

Very easy, Start by choosing bright colors to decorate the room and play with space. For example, placing a shelf of LIXHULT cubes (€ 14.99) on the wall, or adding a chair as original as the BUNSÖ model (14.99 ).

And as sure you will find a mountain of toys when you enter ... nothing like the table with KVISTBRO storage (€ 49.99), which includes a board with a perfect handle for easy opening.

Music lover's moment

If when you're at work you dream of coming home and turning on the vinyl player, yes, you suffer from melomania.

Y as a good music lover, you want to have your treasures safe from accidents, that's why the TV cabinet with storage BESTÅ will come to you that neither painted.

Why? Because you will have the hidden cables but at hand, thanks to the openings in the back of the furniture, and because you can choose a combination of drawers and colors already prepared or create your own. Do you like the one you see in the photo? Well you have it for € 184.


If you need time for you urgently, but you have to take care of the kids, we present the solution to relax while they have fun under surveillance ... How?

Choosing an armchair as comfortable as the STRANDMON model. And is that being a earman, will give a lot of character to the environment, but also, Its high back is ideal so that the neck does not suffer and you can read for hours without getting tired. If you want it, you have it in several colors for € 179, And with 10 years warranty!

But to keep order at bay and be able to pick up in the fastest way, EKET cube shelf You're going to love it. And is that Apart from having cheerful and beautiful colors, you can create the combination that best suits your needs. Prices vary between € 10 and € 15 depending on the tone, and As the studs fit perfectly in the holes that are already made, the assembly will be very fast and simple!

Are you worried that the kids get hurt while they play? No problem, With the KRÖNGE carpet (€ 279) with short and thick hair, you will be sure that they will be sitting on a soft and soft base. And to relax! Why being made with 100% virgin wool it does not stain easily

Relax for her

Read, draw ... Whatever your favorite activity, you should book a moment every day to enjoy it alone and replenish energy.

But for the experience to be complete, you will need a very comfortable sofa to sit on, like the FÄRLÖV model with pocket springs that adapt to the shape of your body, and with a removable and machine washable cover, so you don't panic if you get any stains ...

The model with 3 seats is worth € 649, but there are also two-seater or armchair format, and with 10 years warranty.

For video game fans

The time has come to face the screen! Y As a good follower of video games, you will like to have your collection tidy and at your fingertips, that's why you need a TV cabinet with storage, like this BESTÅ series design that you can compose to your liking.

Further, As the doors and drawers have an integrated system to open and close with light pressure, you won't have to use handles.

The photo model costs € 348.98, but you have other options for designs and colors.

Y if you want the living room to be even more cozy, choose a carpet as cool as this one with black and white stripes. It's called STOCKHOLM, and the size of 170x240 is worth € 139.

Play with order

If you want to watch a series with the peace of mind of knowing that the little girl is playing at her leisure but with everything neat, choose a closet with open storage like this model of the EKET series (€ 120), and leave the bottom for your stuff.

In this way, you can take the toys whenever you want and you will feel more independent.

Of course, you have a lot of colors and models to choose from, and you can combine them with closed storage if you prefer!

Chill as a couple

Sometimes all you want is to be with your partner at that time known as "mantita y peli", or just chatting.

For that very reason The VALLENTUNA sofa (€ 1,030) is perfect for you, because in addition to having a bed with interior storage for surprise visits, you can lie stretched thanks to its module design.

And how are you made with pocket springs, you will literally feel in glory. If you want it, you know it has ... 10 year warranty!

Enjoying family

There is nothing like a family Sunday meeting in the lounge, especially if you share a hobby like the music.

And for you to be as comfortable as possible, VIMLE series with sofa (€ 1,039) and footrest (€ 145) will give you all the space you need. Also you may combine the modules as you want to create your own design, and so you will get a solution that adapts to your space!

Yes, do not forget to have a side table nearby like the TINGBY model (€ 29), and thanks to its wheels you can move it at your leisure.

And finally, a trick ... If you are left alone and you feel like doing some sport, place the table and footrests next to the wall, and so you will have a perfect free space for your homemade zumba session. See how easy?