This chocolate cake is pure magic

This chocolate cake is pure magic

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Cream pies are a trend on Pinterest. You will not stop seeing those magical squares if you are looking for dessert recipes, they are everywhere. The boom makes sense. If you can bake a cake in the same mold, all at once and become a triple layer cake, it is almost magical.

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Unlike the Oreo Magic Bars cake, this Chocolate Magic Custard Cake It requires a little work. Start by mixing the dry ingredients (cocoa powder and flour). Next, separate the yolks from the egg whites and beat the egg whites until stiff (Tip: a few drops of vinegar helps stabilize the egg whites). On the other hand, beat the egg yolks with sugar, then add the melted butter, espresso powder, vanilla, flour mixture and warm milk. Finally, add the egg whites, pour the dough into a greased saucepan and cross your fingers while waiting 50 minutes of oven.

Warning: the key is in the mix. It should be smooth and with some lumps. When the yolks are beaten with the sugar, it should be granulated. Even baking money is crucial. Don't worry and arm yourself with patience. You will only know if it went well when it cools and cuts it into small squares. A bite of fine pastry, when you eat it you will believe it.

Via: Delish US


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