If you liked Dirty Dancing, this hotel will sound like

If you liked Dirty Dancing, this hotel will sound like

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Although Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray are the best known characters in Dirty Dancing, the film would not have been so successful without considering another factor: The Kellerman Resort. Its rustic rock exterior, the picturesque wooden cabins and the great lake, make this place the idyllic destination for a family holiday.

But in real life, the hotel is called Mountain Lake and is located in Pembroke, Virginia. He was chosen due to the low budget of the film (nobody expected it to become a success), and the retro atmosphere and design that contributed to the 1987 film seemed to be 1963.

Do you ring these locations?

The hotel offers three themed weekends of Dirty Dancing a year, including a dance of the time, a viewing of the film, a watermelon launch, group dance classes, and a treasure hunt game. An adventure more than suitable for family vacations. You dare?

Via: Delish US


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