How to decorate a coffee table (with 25 practical examples)

How to decorate a coffee table (with 25 practical examples)

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The coffee tables are the center of attention of our rooms (worth the redundancy). That is why it is necessary that we give them due attention and that they be functional on a day-to-day basis. We collect the tricks of styling experts Emily Henderson, Studio McGee and Will Taylor of Bright bazaar to know what we have to do (and what to avoid) when filling this auxiliary furniture.

Step 1: A tray
It is your great ally. In it you can group different objects and make them look like a single unit, so you will get more order and that the view does not collapse with information. Also, when you have to clear the table, you just have to lift it.

Step 2: Add verticality
We already know the virtues of the trays, but they have a problem: they are very horizontal. To break the monotony, place a tall vase with rounded shapes.

Step 3: The boxes
The remote controls or the coasters are not very decorative, but it is necessary to always have them at hand. Store them in a box with a lid and you're done!

Step 4: Books
Grouping books that are of your interest is a good way for your visitors to know your tastes and personality and they are the perfect tool to start conversations.

Step 5: Sculptural forms
We already have something horizontal and something vertical. Now is the step of adding the sculptural element. Try figurines, candlesticks or natural elements, such as fresh plants or flowers.

Step 6: In the variety is the taste
Make sure there are several colors (even if you don't overdo it. With three or five is enough) and different textures (wood, glass, natural fibers, ceramics ...). and that the set is balanced. Y voilà!

In the gallery that precedes these lines you will find 25 examples of coffee tables decorated to inspire you. Remember that these tricks are to help you in the practical part, but the most important thing is that the result is one hundred percent yours.

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