Show off your best desserts: How to present cakes and sweets

Show off your best desserts: How to present cakes and sweets

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They say that a delicious first bite begins by sight. So before taking any succulent recipe to our mouths, the eyes eat it.

Let's do it right then. We prepare a recipe with care, write down the ingredients, collect them, prepare, knead and bake with dedication and then? Well, it's time to present it at the table as it deserves so much effort.

There are more sophisticated and simple presentations, but even the most everyday can be perfect. You just have to take care of the details. Get inspired by this gallery dedicated to your biscuits, cakes, cakes and sweet cupcakes. Trays, plates, pie feet ... with or without fruits, with or without icing sugar ... Enjoy!

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Advertising - Keep reading under Tray with foot

Tray with pie or pie pie. This presentation always surprises. It is easy to find this piece with the boom of homemade creative confectionery.

They are usually round and are perfect for cakes and biscuits or bundt cakes.

You will find them in glass, white or colored porcelain and plastic. Even disposable cardboard.

About him bundt cake, a icing that makes the cake even more palatable.

The creative option

If you do not have pie pie you can always create it with pieces that you have at home. A plate or tray and a candlestick or a deco piece that stands and prepared! You can also choose a beautiful bowl or a glass of carved glass and place the plate on top.

This chocolate and caramel layer cake is topped with sweet caramel popcorn.

In tray

A tray or a low plate. As simple as your cake is and the presentation takes note of this trick: some natural fruits on top and will win in presence. Red fruits are always a success.

Straight to the plate

If you do not want to take out the whole cake for many reasons (one of them may be because we have not been as good looking as we want - sometimes it happens -), present the portion directly in individual dishes.

A little piece, some red fruits around, a splash of caramel or chocolate or some mint leaves and voila!

In dessert or coffee dishes

Mini pistachio cupcakes with a gold cardboard base and served in dessert or coffee dishes.

For mini creations this option is perfect. Whether your cake is homemade or if you have resorted to pastry, place it on saucers this way.

For the gypsy arm

Or you plum cake, elongated sweets, a tray, a rectangular slate or a glass base.

Vintage piece

Always yes. A tray recovered from a grandmother's house, from your mother ... those dishes or fountains with a hearth are perfect in this retro-fever around us.

Direct from oven

As if you had just taken it out of a handmade oven. On a wooden board. Of those usually used to cut.

Small pieces on wooden board

And the effect also works with bits, to get a little sweet treat after a meal with coffee. Cut pieces and place them on a wooden board.

It also works to place them on a small piece of napkin to take directly without needing to rest on a plate.

With glass bell

How apparent! But in addition the bells of glass avoid that the sweet one dries or, in exteriors, that it is harassed by greedy mosquitoes.

The glass bells can go on a tray with foot or on a plate directly.

With surprise

And you can always let your imagination fly and accompany your cake with some creative and original element that replaces a beautiful dish. What do you think of these natural flowers?


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