15 adorable reindeer-shaped sweets to make this Christmas

15 adorable reindeer-shaped sweets to make this Christmas

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Advertising - Keep reading below Easy-to-make Reindeer Cupcakes

Cookies + red M & M's + chocolate cover = cupcakes More Christmas monkeys.

The complete recipe in One little project.

Reindeer-shaped chocolate cupcakes

These sweet mini will like children and adults alike.

The complete recipe in Hungry happening.

Rudolph Cupcakes

The bright nose of these cupcakes Chocolate will make you humming Christmas carols all day.

The complete recipe in Laura's Bakery.

Reindeer balls with Oreo cookies

The ears made with Pretzels are the perfect finish for this Christmas candy.

The complete recipe in Like Mother Like Daughter.

Reindeer Cookies

These elaborate cookies will be a must in your next Christmas party.

The complete recipe in Sweetlambs.

Golden Reindeer Cookies

Appetizing at first sight! These cookies are so beautiful that (almost) you will be sad to eat them.

The complete recipe in Sweetpolita.

Christmas cereal pancakes

These beautiful and consistent delicacies are made with white chocolate.

The complete recipe in Shugary sweets.

Pops-reindeer with chocolate rice bars

To do these pops So cute, cover rice bars with melted milk chocolate and decorate them with a reindeer decoration kit. Very simple, right?

The complete recipe in Hungry Happenings.

Sweet reindeer-shaped snacks

A bouquet of these desserts on a stick can also serve as a centerpiece for a Christmas party.

The complete recipe in Inside Bru Crew Life.

Reindeer of chocolate pretzels

Delicious pretzel bars are hidden under this layer of exquisite chocolate.

The complete recipe in Hungry Happenings.

Chocolate-peanut butter-reindeer cookies

They carry peanut butter, flaxseed, quinoa flour and cocoa powder. Nail cookies very healthy

The complete recipe in Fork and beans.

Reindeers of sweet rice pancakes

Use melted dark chocolate to make the horns.

The complete recipe in Eighteen 25 for Thirty Handmade Days.

Sweet minirens with 5 ingredients

Googly and edible eyes make this dessert fun.

The complete recipe in Chelsea's Messy Apron.

Rudolph chocolate bars

With Twix mini-bars, candy canes, edible pastry ornaments and red M & M's you can create such a dessert.

The complete recipe in Cake Whiz.

Reindeer Cake

This cake will receive everyone's compliments at your next Christmas gathering.

The complete recipe in Hobby craft.

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