The keys of the order of Marie Kondo

The keys of the order of Marie Kondo

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This expert of order is a whole celebrity Japanese Individuals and companies come to her daily to find the definitive method that helps them to bring order to their lives. Yes, yes, you read that right: for Help them tidy up their homes. And for Kondo putting order at home is the first stone for something more important: putting it in your life.

All those elements that are beyond our control (see pairs of loose socks, batteries or unnamed papers) have the days counted after the reading of your book, The magic of order(recently edited in Spanish).

According to Marie Kondo, our ability to maintain order is practically self-taught and part of the blame for our current chaos casts it on our predecessors. "Our parents asked us to clean our room, but they were never taught how to do it. When it comes to organization, we are all self-taught," he explains in the book.

After several pages in which he makes clear his long journey in the world of order and household cleaning (he learned to read reading decoration magazines), he gives us the final keys to end the chaos That overwhelms us every day.

1. Organize only once and do it well. Nothing to do a little every day. That would make us slaves of our chaos and we would never end. For Kondo, "if you organize everything at once and not slowly, you can change your mindset drastically."

2. Get rid of everything that doesn't make you happy. It's that simple. Cleanings in space will make you see things much clearer. Also your chaotic bedroom.

3. Those that store are accumulators. And according to the author, "a chaotic room is the reflection of a chaotic mind." Nothing to keep things "just in case." Life is much simpler.

With the keys on the table, who dares to challenge Kondo? As she says, The organization is only an instrument, but not the true end. And it is that the true objective of this consultant, author of the book with more than two million copies sold, is that you establish the lifestyle you want when you finally put your house in order. It's time to get to work.


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