Who wouldn't want a cushion with their pet's face?

Who wouldn't want a cushion with their pet's face?

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If being obsessed with your pet was considered an Olympic sport, we would have already won a triple gold! They are the stars of many profiles of Instagram, and we will fight anyone who says they are not the prettiest thing they have ever seen! For that very reason, The latest fashion is to convert a photo of your darling little animal... in an adorable cushion!

Go Mine Official is the company responsible for making this whim a reality, offering four sizes to choose from (40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm or 70 cm), with prices ranging between € 28 (approx.) And € 52 ( approx.) Something relatively cheap for such cute! Further, you can decide if you want your pet to be printed on both sides of the cushion (handmade, by the way).

But apart from the cushions, There is also a company that performs exact replicas of your pet. All you have to do is upload photos of your bichillo (The more, the better), and choose the features, including the position of the tail and ears! Isn't it great?

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