How to introduce marble into your home

How to introduce marble into your home

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It's official: the marble is back to stay a season. He has been dressing our kitchens for decades in countertops and furniture and now it seems that marble has climbed positions inside the house acquiring a new power.

From cutting boards to household items or patterned paper. Autumn and winter are the seasons that best welcome the trend of marble and it is now when it becomes especially indispensable in small accessories such as bath games. Jump off the countertops to dress beyond the kitchen.

Sophisticated, versatile and delicate, we like marble especially combined with neutral tones such as pale pink or cemented gray. Dare to include it in patterned paper in rooms such as the living room, combined with copper and textiles such as velvet.

A small coffee set in green tones or a set of bathroom accessories in black, gray and marengos is another option that we propose to introduce it with a contemporary touch.

In the bathroom, the most exotic patterns such as paisley in 'burgundy' or blue tones are also great allies when it comes to mixing with the stately marble in pearl white and gray. For example, in the sink area.

In the kitchen, the marble wears not only countertops, but washing piles and wall fronts. The limits and horizons disappear. Combined with walnut wood, in dark tones and utensils in neutral tones such as white, black or gray, even in pastel tones such as mint or pink, it will also be pure success.

Also they nordic environments Immaculate in white successfully accept this majestic material in furniture such as coffee tables or side tables.