Set up a private garden in 6 steps

Set up a private garden in 6 steps

We discover a charming florist, a vertical and automatic garden, and other small novelties for you to enjoy your own garden.

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For those who have tried to have an urban garden and did not get it, or for those who want to start cultivating for the first time and prefer to go safely, the solution may be MyPot®, a modular system of vertical plant growth, automatic, developed by New Garden System. Based on hydroponic culture, Without soil, it is perfect for small spaces such as terraces, patios, balconies and interiors.

What can be grown? All kinds of plants, small or large, such as vegetables, fruits, vegetables, medicinal, floral and ornamental.

Advantage. It does not require previous knowledge to start cultivating; saving up to 90% of water compared to traditional cultivation, fertilizer and space, because an orchard with the desired height is created in less than 1 m2. In addition, crops grow faster, and are harvested up to 3 times faster than with traditional land systems.

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2 Flores, at street level

Mobile devices have also changed the way of buying flowers, and although there is a lot of talk about online stores, which solve in one click the sending of bouquets and save time, enter a flirtatious space, with its spectacular showcase and unforgettable aromas, It is still a pleasure.

Bouquets, bouquets, centers, potted plants and the decoration of events and weddings ... invade daily with their beauty the Instagram accounts of local and influencers and perhaps because of this, they have become a more frequent purchase option, just for the sake of enjoying them, creating a more special atmosphere and decorating.

This floral boom arises from the work of all those florists, full of charm, that are committed to new and creative floral proposals, and that play with textures, colors and shapes, and create a trend. An example of this type of magical space, careful and very inspiring, is Margarita is called my love, on Fernando VI Street, 9, in Madrid, a place with an idyllic setting for its wide variety of plants, flowers, fruit trees ... and just opened "Novias & Events Space", a few meters away, on the street Santa Teresa 3. Alongside these lines, some of its colorful baskets with plants that waste style and freshness.


Potting labels are useful to identify cultivated plants and species and thus apply precise care to each one, but they are also very decorative elements that can be done at home.

Step by Step: Draw the design of the labels on a 2 mm thick copper sheet - add the centimeters needed to nail them in the substrate - and cut them with scissors. Then, use a kit to stamp the names of the plants, such as ImpressArt, for sale on, which includes punches of capital letters and hammer. Finally, cover the letters with permanent marker in black and polish the labels with wire wool; Thus you will define the letters and return to copper its original color. Optional: make a hole with a punch and thread a jute rope.

Original idea: These plates can be made to decorate the pots with verses or phrases that can be tied with the string.


If you are a fan of the pieces vintage, you will like this design to place plants or gardening material.

Trolley Botanique, from Maisons du Monde; with measures of 46 x 29 x 66 cm (€ 84.99).


Dahlias and peonies on a black background transform this basic of gardening into a sophisticated design. With a circular tubular handle and a narrow mouth outlet tube, its design helps direct water accurately. Watering can, from Burgon & Ball, in galvanized steel, with capacity for 1 liter (€ 27.36 at

6 Expert Tricks

The famous florist Paula Pryke shares her secrets about the art of floristry in Floral design and gives advice on how to use and combine many different varieties. This comprehensive guide also includes a chapter on tools and accessories and explanations, step by step, of various arrangements. From Blume (€ 23.64 on