See how you should prepare the perfect sangria

See how you should prepare the perfect sangria

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Fight the heat with delicious sangria. It is the quintessential summer drink.

To prepare the classic sangria follow these indications.


- 1 liter of red wine
- 2 peaches
- 2 bananas
- 2 oranges
- 1 apple
- 1 lemon
- 60 mg of sugar

Peel and cut into pieces the peaches, the apple and the bananas. Cut the oranges and the lemon into pieces, without peeling. Pour all the fruit into a large jar or dispenser.

Add sugar to fruit and wine. Stir.

Let stand the mixture about two hours in the fridge to macerate.

Now you just have to decide how to present it.

In tall glass decorated with lemon slices ...

... or in mason jars.

Courtesy of Tekoe

And if you feel like innovating, try some of these original indents:

Reinventing the sangria: eight recipes to include in your table

Cava sangria

A sangria deluxe For a summer dinner. A little glass?

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Peach Pink Sangria

This sangria is refreshing and delicious. It is perfect to accompany on a barbecue.

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Melon Sangria

Do not exhaust the summer without trying it. The sweet touch of the melon you will love.

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Tropical sangria

This recipe is perfect not only for a meal at summer home but it is the latest fashion in the most chic weddings. Try it

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Red fruit sangria

Refreshing, delicious and antioxidant. This summer, you have to try it. Feel luxurious after an endless sunny day.

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White sangria with moscato

Forget the burgundy color of the traditional recipe. This version changes the tone and keeps the sweet spot of muscat wine.

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Marguerite Sangria

This version is the perfect mix between the traditional sangria drink and the Margarita cocktail urban drinks. You are already taking a while to try it.

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Traditional sangria with muscat wine

Because it is worth remembering the traditional recipe that, in the end, is the one that everyone always likes.

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