A low floor with a small garden

A low floor with a small garden

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The couple that lives on this floor found their home on the outskirts of Santander; it is a low with garden and, although it is of recent construction, they decided to reform it with the help of the Project and Design Consultants company, to achieve a more imaginative environment. The owners, two young cosmopolitans, love to travel and feel a weakness for gastronomy, hence they want a space that reflects their passions and where they can enjoy comfortable meetings. Distributed on one floor, the cozy apartment has a diaphanous day area and a bedroom with dressing room and bathroom.

The living room and kitchen share an atmosphere, although they are distributed from an island, located in the center of the floor, which serves as a dining table while offering an extra work surface. Discreet brushstrokes of a current industrial style, inspired by New York lofts, they fit into a coherent atmosphere, full of nuances. The elongated windows, original of the house, were perfect to create charming spaces connected to the garden.

Neutrals predominate in the decoration. The decorative complements, acquired by the owners in their multiple trips, define the lines of a cosmopolitan style, very lively but cozy, for which they have used the enriching nuances that the textiles provide.

A plant without complications, comfortable distribution and tailored solutions They served the couple who lives here to get the decoration right, which they took care of personally. The bedroom, suite type, is colored in gray and white. There two elements stand out: the gas fireplace embedded in the wall - a double-sided model installed between the living room and the room - and the mini desk located in the corner.

Through a step dressing room, with two storage areas open and organized millimetrically, the bathroom is accessed, a space that flirts with rustic trends. In short, this apartment boasts An exquisite look, built through delicious little details.

Advertising - Read on below A garden to enjoy all year

When a cold, but sunny day dawns, in Santander it is necessary to enjoy its outdoor light, with a good wool sweater and under a blanket. That is the purpose with which the garden has been decorated: enjoy it throughout the year. In addition, the young couple who lives in this apartment likes to organize meetings with friends and family inside and outside the home.
Hammocks, chairs and iron table, from Fermob, acquired in France. The bike comes from Sweden. Textiles, from Lexington.

A practical and personal hall

After an integral reform, a diaphanous space is accessed from a small hall; In this area of ​​passage the metal coat stand and a trunk, from the firm Riviera Maison, bought in Teklassic.
Lexington check and scarf bag.
The wallpaper was purchased in Sweden and is from Lindholms.

A room bathed in natural light

The living room and kitchen share space in harmony. One of the strengths of the construction are the vertical windows, which open all rooms to the outside. Its decorative weight is undeniable, so it was dispensed with curtains that concealed them.
Sofa, designed by the owners, made to measure and upholstered by Tapicerías La Torre.
Coffee table in metal and wood and auxiliary models, from Becara. On the table, jars, from Oomuombo. Burberry computer bag.

Warm seating area

One of the bases of the decoration are the shades, finishes and natural materials. Wood, suede, wool, cashmere ... they are painted in raw. Only some color strokes are needed - in cushions and details in the furniture - to outline the silhouettes.

Kitchen, dining room and living area: all in one

Coatings delimit environments with expertise. The brick seen in the kitchen gives way to painting in the living room and the pavement
Natural wood is in the kitchen with a border of tiles in checkerboard in gray and raw tones, which frames the work front. On the island, tableware, Lexington.
On the sofa, cushions: klim type, purchased at El Rastro in Madrid, and the rest, like blankets, from Lexington.

The bookstore, a custom design

In the library, a custom design of
M&J Figueroa, a double-sided gas fireplace has been installed, seen from the living room and bedroom. On it, the TV. On both sides of the fireplace, the audiovisuals
They are ordered in two modules. The chicken coop, which reveals the interior of the furniture, allows the signal of the remote controls to circulate without barriers.
Gas fireplace, from A Fuego Chimneys. Showcase by The Point.

Kitchen with multifunction island

An island organizes the space of this environment. The owners, who were personally in charge of decorating the entire floor, devised a system of horizontal displacement for the countertop, which turns the island into a dining table, granting more space to be or the kitchen according to your needs.
Stools, by Ikea. Hanging lamp for sale in Light Years.

Household items in sight

In the kitchen, the steel shelves allow the brick seen from the wall to shine. Objects are exposed, so order must prevail. Bowls, egg cups and mugs, from Lexington. Shelf for sale in Ikea.

Mix of finishes and coatings

Although industrial air parts are present throughout the house, the kitchen enhances this style with steel furniture. The wood worktop and the brick wall provide warmth and reinforce the loft look.
Furniture, from Ikea. Worktop made by M&J Figueroa. Cloths from Lexington. Hydraulic tile acquired in Álvaro Guadaño. Seen brick cladding, similar for sale in Leroy Merlin.

Brick walls

The brick walls seen, whether in their original tone, aged or painted, have something that falls in love. Depending on the accessories and furniture chosen, different styles are evoked. In this case, with steel furniture and wood details, the kitchen is factory.

A well used bedroom

The bedroom was organized in three environments online: rest area, step dressing room and bathroom. The chosen tones - soft gray and white - reinforce the feeling of calm.

Fabrics in natural tones for the bedroom

The cel abecero and coverscap were made to measure in linen by Tapicerías La Torre.
Bedding, blanket of eights and metallic stars in red, from Lexington. Mesra, by Becara. Wall light with screen, Light and Environment.

A small, but complete dressing room

In the bedroom the wit was sharpened
with original solutions, such as the double-sided fireplace and the mini corner desk, made by M&J Figueroa. Through a vain you access the dressing room, organized on two open fronts, which gives way to the bathroom. Cotton rug, from Lexington. The dressing was made of white wood by M&J Figueroa.

A rustic essence bath

The coverings and design of the washbasin cabinet mark the style of the bathroom. A custom piece houses two undercounter sinks. Only towels break the prevailing neutrality.
Towels, from Lexington.
Fiber baskets, from Zara Home. Towel rails, similar in Leroy Merlin. Furniture, made by M&J Figueroa. Mirror, from Becara.
Canova Elite faucet, by Cristina Bossini.

Details with pleasure

From the most striking to the discreet, all mold a style. For this bathroom, a turned metal towel rail was chosen, which matches the style of the wooden furniture of the sink.

House plan


- Seek calm. Wood, the warm material par excellence, which covers the entire floor of the house, along with the textures, textiles and color palette that has been used in this project, give the whole a peaceful feeling of calm.
- The distribution It is another of the assets of this project. Clearly differentiated the
day area of ​​night, each one arranges the environments in succession, which favors the circulation of natural light and visual continuity.