This is how you should organize and take care of your fridge

This is how you should organize and take care of your fridge

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A few days ago we hallucinated everyone with the strict organization that Khloe Kardashian maintains in her refrigerator, so we apply the story and collect here our basic tips to keep the inside of the fridge well organized.

First distribute the kitchen with head

Where to place the refrigerator. Put it as far away as possible from heat sources: windows, oven, microwave ..., since they reduce its effectiveness and increase its consumption.

Avoid sticking the refrigerator to the walls, as it needs ventilation. You should leave a minimum separation between 1.5 and 5.5 cm.

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What temperature the refrigerator should be. Keep between 3 and 5 degrees to ensure the good state of food. The coldest zone is the one that is closest to the freezer and the area furthest and closer to the door is the least cold. Therefore, in the "combi" it would be the lower zone and in the traditional refrigerators, the upper one (like the one in the image, which is from the Smeg firm).

Place the food according to the expiration date. In front, in sight, the products that expire first. And the rest do not stick them to the bottom wall because they can cause extreme temperature changes in the same food.

Buy an appliance that suits your real needs. The volume of food consumed by a family of five members is not the same as that of a person. In addition, for small houses the combi fridges They are a perfect option for efficient consumption. Information offered by TEKA. Teka

Put each food in its place

If your refrigerator is "combi", put in the upper part, Dairy products (cheeses, milk, yogurts ...) and prepared or pre-cooked food. Place the semi-preserves and the jars that are already open.

IKEA accessories.

The Middle area Y low, It is perfect for meat and fresh fish. Wrap them in film or leave in their original containers, you will avoid cross contamination. In the drawers, put the fruit and vegetables, without plastic or cardboard, to breathe well. In the door, place eggs, sauces, jams and open bottles.

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Order drinks vertically

Organizers of The Container Store.

Bottles and cans are difficult to place because of their rounded shape that prevents us from stacking them. In order to gain more space, use organizers Y brackets plastic or
metal that allow us to have them visible and at hand.

And the frozen ones?

OFKPO food bags on
The freezer It must have a temperature of -18º.

Place the food in groups: meat, fish ... and in the amounts that you think you are going to consume. Use containers or bags Hermetic and label with the name and date of packaging.

How you should keep and keep the refrigerator

Hisense Cross Door model refrigerator.

- Clean regularly, to ensure the quality of food.

- Use tápers square and rectangular to take better advantage of the gaps.

- Avoid touching the walls and leave space between them, so that the cold spreads well.

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