An organizer made with recycled cans

An organizer made with recycled cans

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You will need spray and acrylic enamels to taste. We recommend Bruger's Acrylic Ivory shade. An autumnal tone perfect for your project. In addition, 6 recycled cans, cardboard, rope, bodybuilding tape, silicone and paper.

Step 1

Protect the table and paint the cans with spray paint.

Step 2

When the paint is dry, place three cans on the cardboard, measure with a pencil and cut with a cutter.

Step 3

On the cardboard mark the corners of the future organizer at 5 cm vertically and 7 cm horizontally. To make the handle, draw parallel lines guiding you along the width of the ruler. Cut all the lines with the cutter.

Step 4

Give the cans a second color using paper and bodybuilder tape to cover the top of the can and using the enamel on the bare side. Remove the paper when it dries carefully.

Step 5

To decorate the handle, use rope fixing it with silicone and winding. When finished, put another point of silicone so that it is fixed.

Step 6

Put silicone on the back of the cans and glue them one by one on the cardboard, paste three on each side.


And this is the result ... an ideal project to store pencils, brushes or even for your makeup or kitchen cutlery!