Ideas to decorate and personalize your lamps

Ideas to decorate and personalize your lamps

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Yes the lamp shade It is old or old-fashioned, invent a new one.

Materials you need to apply these four ideas at home: Baker's twine (string of colored threads), felt balls (these are from Søstrene Grene), hot silicone gun, buttons, black thread and needle, trimmings and rope (these are from Commercial Amparo), bodybuilder tape and tape double sided, spray paint and paper.

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To learn more about these ideas, follow the videos of our online decoration course on our DecorTV channel on Youtube:

My trick

If you have a dark screen, give it life by sewing some buttons, of those you have at home unbalanced. Use the same thread color as the screen and sew them into fun shapes, such as flowers here. Flexo, from Kibuc. Piece of furniture Mura, from Énola. Cuadros, by Laura R. Frontelo.

Look change

Play with the shape of the lamp base. Paint the entire screen or just a part of the color you want. Cut 4 circles on paper the same size as the base balls and paste them in the center of each side of the screen with double-sided tape. Protect the edges of the screen with painter's tape and paint the rest with spray paint.

Kibuc lamp. Lacquered Door Table Dino, from Énola. Basket, by Søstrene Grene.

With craft touch

The baker's twine They play a lot. Use them here to make a screen and decorate it with pellets or arbutus. Remove the old fabric and cover the structure, from top to bottom, with colored threads, leaving the knots in sight. As a finish, glue felt balls with hot silicone. Ceramic bowls, by Laura Ramón Frontelo.

Rustic air

This lamp with wooden log base, by Kibuc, has been softened by gluing strings and trimmings ribbon in raw tones, glued with silicone Cotton cushion Tuile 45, from Nest.


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