Gardening: Fill the winter with color

Gardening: Fill the winter with color

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Change your plants every two years, in winter and when you see no risk of frost. Put them in a pot of at least 4 cm, wider than the previous one.

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Acer palmatum is a small, deciduous shrub or tree, native to Japan and South Korea. It grows up to a height between 6 and 10 meters. Its leaves are patted, with 9 lobes finished at the tip. Vegeta in temperate and cool areas with temperatures between 30º and -18º C, as a minimum. There are more than 1000 types, the best known being the Atropurpureum, for the red of its leaves throughout the year. It is ideal for growing in the garden in a pot, even in bonsai.

CGarden care. Plant it in an area where there are tall bushes or a wall that protects you from direct sunlight. The soil should have a low pH, between 4 and 6. Water between 2 and 3 times per week.

CHow to prune it. Do it in autumn or winter. Remove or trim with a handsaw or pruning shears the branches that intersect. Also, those that are too long, guide or see that they are too weak or sick.

Subscriber. Do it a month yes and another not with liquid organic fertilizers, such as guano, which have a rapid effect.

2 A good harvest!

For the ones fruit trees Stay healthy and strong need to be pruned. The winter pruning It is very important for your growth. Not only will you get more fruits, you will also protect them from diseases that spread through branches that have not been pruned. Do it in January or February, when they are in latent phase, choose a dry day with a temperature not lower than -5º C and use appropriate tools. As the image trimmer. The StarCut 410 Plus, from Gardena

3 Purify the air

Place a vertical garden In the living room, you will make the air more pure. Plants have the ability to absorb volatile organic compounds that are released by cleaning products, tobacco, tissues and that are harmful to health. Flower pot with purifying plants,149 €, from

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Sometimes, choosing the simplest option can give us the best results. If you like to decorate your house with flowers, choose glass vases to place them. You have them of all sizes and shapes: small, square, with sinuous curves ... You can combine them as you like and give your home an extra light and color. Atmosphere of Laura Ashley