We visited the house of Los Javis, scriptwriters and directors of La Llamada

We visited the house of Los Javis, scriptwriters and directors of La Llamada

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The barking of their dogs, Susi and Mary, alerted by the telephone, lead us to the door of their house. Upon opening, the welcoming smiles of their owners, screenwriters, directors, producers and actors Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo, welcome us. It is not a particularly sunny morning, but the light is at ease in this 95 square meters apartment located in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña. It was not always like that. “When we found it, it was divided into many elongated rooms with poor lighting. They looked like train cars, ”Ambrossi explains. “It was newly renovated, but we didn't like the finishes and the distribution was not functional for us,” adds Calvo. The person in charge of adapting the house to the needs and tastes of the couple was the interior architect Juan Luis Arcos, in charge of the study ARRO, which demolished partitions to open the spaces until leaving it in a living room with the entrance and the study area, a kitchen, a guest room, a toilet and its bedroom with integrated dressing room and bathroom. During the renovation, they discovered wooden pillars and beams and brick walls hidden behind the plasterboard that they decided to leave in sight, since it was very much in tune with the industrial style they wanted and that boosted with the glass and white Metro style tiles from the kitchen and keeping the leather lined door of the entrance.

When decorating, they had a clear idea: “We didn't want a house that had to be tidy all the time. We wanted him to have life and the disorder to be well within an order. ” Inspiration came through Pinterest and of the spaces that Javi Calvo pineaba"Above all, studies in New York that were both work and home areas," he explains, showing us his board. They had the help of Lorenzo Meazza, head of interior design of Ikea in Spain, to define the spaces and choose the pieces. Lorenzo mixed Swedish brand designs with furniture vintage and family memories they already had. They opted for a neutral color base, dominated by wood, white and dark green, "so that books, art and ourselves could color," says Ambrossi.

The home of this hyperactive duo is a living space where creativity can be felt. “Our house looks like our jobs: although at first they may seem like a hodgepodge of ideas, then they have their order and make people feel at ease. ” The call, the musical about nuns, a summer camp and heavenly apparitions that they created five years ago (still being represented with great success at the Lara theater in Madrid) and that have now become a film, is very present. From the original Whitney Houston vinyls that crown the bookshelf of the study area, to the figure of Christ in his dresser that they placed next to the battery during the theater performances, passing through the poster, the photos or the sequin costumes that Hang from your dressing room. “It has been the most important project of our life, it has changed our course. Being able to take it to the movies with the original cast (Macarena García, Anna Castillo, Belén Cuesta and Gracia Olayo) is a perfect way to close this cycle. ”

The call opens in theaters on September 29.

Production and production: Fran Muñoz
IG: franyerga

Photos: Aránzazu Díaz Huerta

Advertising - Keep reading below Family portrait

Javier Calvo (above) and Javier Ambrossi with their dogs Susi and Mary.

Pop's king

On the marble fireplace, original of the house, the prize Fierce for the best comedy series they won in 2017 for Paquita Salas. Michael Jackson's work is by Fabio McNamara, in The Fresh Gallery.

Comfort zone

View of the lounge, with all Ikea furniture.

Art and color

The work that presides over this space is Girls by Albert Madaula.

Factory style

Behind the industrial style window is the kitchen.

Black and white

The kitchen furniture is also from Ikea.

Eat at home

The kitchen has a bar for informal meals.

The spark of life

Light of Cocacola del Rastro.

Very equipped

The couple loves to cook for their friends at home, so having a well-equipped kitchen was one of their priorities.


Between two beams in the living room, the old armchair of the Lara theater in Madrid, where his musical has been represented for five years The call.

Happy meeting

During the reform they discovered the old wooden beams and pillars and decided to leave them in sight.

A table set

In the foreground, the dining room with chairs, table, carpet and lamp from Ikea. The pink flexo standing is a gift from Javier Ambrossi's mother. In the background, at the entrance, sofa Vintage 4p and, under the poster of The call, custom wooden bench. On the left is the desk area.

Creative space

In the study area, custom table with chairs of different Ikea models. The wall and lamp shelves are also from the Swedish firm.

Your universe

Detail of the shelves, full of books, souvenirs and gifts from friends and family.


Board with personal photos and work memories. The prize is the Pávez Emergente who received this year.

Deserved rest

View of the bedroom The bedside tables, the headboard and the dresser are custom designs Of the Rooster, in Malasaña.

Heavenly apparition

On the dresser, photos of their dogs and them, Ikea candles and religious figures. The Christ comes from the work The call and it was placed next to the battery during the performances. The mirror is a gift from Javier Ambrossi's grandmother.

Nothing to hide

The bedroom has the built-in dressing room and bathroom.

Dressing room

In the dressing room, with custom-made furniture and an Ikea module as a shoe remover, the hand-painted jacket by the illustrator Amanda Portillo stands out.


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