Prepare the garden for the wonderful days to come

Prepare the garden for the wonderful days to come

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Before you know it, there will be the stifling days in which you shun the heat in search of a protective shadow. The autumn It is synonymous with days in which a jersey is enough to enjoy the fresh air. A steaming cup between the hands and the warm company of the sun will form the perfect equation to slow your pace and the goals you demand. Prepare the yard for the new season and raise a new order in your scale of values: today, what matters most is you.

Advertising - Read on below 1 Accessories with colors B. DARBY

This nightstand combines lovely brushstrokes of nostalgia. The table runner with coral motifs is the perfect background for pink and mint sugar bowls, and for the glass with a delicate tone detail.

Table runner, cotton (€ 15.90), Alice crockery (€ 7 each) and glass (€ 7). Everything is from Greengate.

2 corners with care B. DARBY

Daily life offers prints of great beauty With the right hue. This area to hang clothes is decorative thanks to the wooden staircase.

On its steps, jars of jam with rope inside and metal jars with flowers, add charm. Even the redhead with the red handles and the edge is flirtatious.


3 The rest B. DARBY

A semi-shaded area is ideal for sesteo or recreate an idyllic stamp in the countryside. Here it has been achieved with a carpet - choose a vinyl model, which isolates you from the humidity of the soil -, cushions and an improvised vase of wild flowers in an airtight kitchen jar.

In you will find vinyl carpets from € 18.75.

4 The freshness B. DARBY

Cut wild flowers and place them in glasses of water. Adjust the length of the stem so that the flowers rise above the edge. If the petals are of the same color range, the composition will also convey a sense of balance.

Buy it here

Set of six glasses with metal support and wooden handle (€ 26.84), from Garden Trading,

5 The lighting B. DARBY

Autumnal sunsets are a spectacle of color. Enjoy it and prolong the magic of the moment with wide-base candles, to ensure its stability. Place them on a secure stand, which is resistant to temperature, and do not stay away from them until you see that they have turned off. Similar candles, in Cerabella.

6 Urban spaces B. DARBY

Even the smallest balcony is ideal for placing a chair and table.

Outdoor furniture made with resins can be left outdoors all year without fear of rain or cold deteriorating them.

But if yours spoil and you have already stored them in the storage room, improvise an outdoor space on sunny days with a small table and a lounge chair.

In the image bamboo table (€ 145) and candle holders (€ 2.75), by Ib Laursen.


7 Pieces of yesteryear B. DARBY

The zinc bucket and the shower, both with traces of time, add beauty to this corner.

The folding chair fulfills a key function: thanks to it, a stepped composition is created with flower bouquets exposed in terracotta pots and metal cubes.

A similar chair is the model Äplarö, from Ikea (€ 30).

8 How to decorate with accessories Cerabella

Second opportunity. The details that are used outside their usual context create environments with personality. A wooden box - surely in your fruit shop you can get a couple of them - is spectacular as a support for two or three pots. The same happens with disused utensils: an old teapot will be an original pot for small flowers if you make a hole in the base for drainage; and a mesh basket for eggs will attract the eyes with three mini cacti.

Tillage tools. An old fork or sickle, a hoe with a wooden handle, old pruners ... Leaning against the wall, they will form a still life with charm. Wear them with a straw hat and a carrycot from which dry flowers take.
Beacons and candles. Highlights steps and walls, or defines paths to the house, with solar LEDs or candles. In the photo above, eucalyptus scented candles from the collection Kalyptos, from Cerabella (from € 17.10).