So breathe the new rustic in this apartment in Cambrils

So breathe the new rustic in this apartment in Cambrils

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Sarah's Country

The owners of this apartment in Cambrils, a young couple and their daughter, wanted renew the style and distribution of spaces, to win a cozy house that they could enjoy during their vacations.

Divided into a hall-living room-kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, the apartment required a new distribution that was according to the architectural style of rustic airs that we find in elements such as wooden beams with exposed ceramics, Catalan tova floors, or wooden doors and fitted wardrobes.

After studying space and needs, interior designer Natalia Novellasdemunt, from El País de Sarah, raised a new design for the kitchen and bathroom. The premise in both areas is that they be current, practical and functional.

Sarah's Country Sarah's Country

Attached to the kitchen wall, Natalia shaped a set of low and high furniture in green to have more storage space. In front of them, a bar by way of office visually separate this area from the lounge.

Being a fairly small kitchen, mini-sized appliances were chosen. Sarah's Country The space office It was complemented with three stools upholstered in leather model Rule of the store on-line MIV Interiors. Sarah's Country The walls were tiled with model tiles Art Nouveau Vienna from the Nais firm. Sarah's Country

Initially, the bathroom had a bathtub, making the space look small and quite dark.

Natalia proposed a new distribution betting on a shower with extra-flat stonex plate in dark gray with single-pane glass screen.

The toilet was also changed, and a suspended piece of furniture was placed in white with drawers that allowed to gain storage space.

Sarah's Country
To renovate the tiling of the walls, large-format rectangular ceramics in white color purchased in BigMat Gil, and model tiles were chosen Hexatile Nature from the firm Nais for the ground.
Sarah's Country
As for the decorative details, most of the textiles come from a local store, and the pom pom cushions are from Sarah's Country.
Sarah's Country Sarah's Country Sarah's Country

Dark, narrow, lifeless ... You won't believe how the apartment was before!

Sarah's Country Sarah's Country Sarah's Country Sarah's Country

Project and information: Courtesy of El País de Sarah.

If you want to see your house here, write us: community @

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