A terraced house on the Catalan coast

A terraced house on the Catalan coast

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Is terraced house, built in the seventies in the Barcelona town of Gavá, facing the Mediterranean, it was totally Reformed by the interior design studio Meritxell Ribé. The starting point was an outdated distribution, very compartmentalized, with several small rooms and dark interiors. With the Ribé project, housing has changed completely and has adjusted to two priorities of the owners: get open spaces and introduce blue and mauve colors into the decoration.

The new distribution is more current and practical. In the basement there is a multipurpose room with a living, games and study area, in addition to the garage. In the low level, at two levels, the kitchen is located with office, a toilet and the dining room in the upper plane, and in the lower one, the living area with access to the terrace and the garden. Finally, in the higher, the bedrooms and bathrooms are located. The reform highlights the color and material homogeneity, which provides a visual continuity to the environments, and the new stairs, which do not reduce the brightness of the interior, with its ultralight and white design that blends with the walls total white.

Refering to decor, predominates simplicity of the Mediterranean style, with rustic and Nordic touches, diverse textures and cheerful brushstrokes. The living area is proof of this, where a sofa with chaise longue, upholstered in neutral tones and with mix of cushions, and a wooden table, distill naturalness and comfort, while it seems that its only task was to offer a relaxing and ultra-comfortable environment from which to see the outside through the windows, which connect it with the terrace.

The project draws attention master bedroom in suite room, with integrated dressing room and bathroom. With mauve walls as the owners wanted, the interior designer designed the rest area facing several built-in wardrobes, whose high-gloss lacquer doors enhance the luminosity; but it also created a subtle division of space by making the bathroom independent with a window that includes a sliding door. With this solution, the bathroom takes full advantage of natural light, but also gains visual amplitude.

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The stairs, with an ultralight and blank design, blend in with the walls. They connect the living room, distributed on two levels, with the bedrooms on the first floor. The stairs are a design by Meritxell Ribé, from The Room Studio.

In the dining room, table Pey, of Mobles 114, and chairs Tulipfrom Knoll.

Maximum clarity

The living area faces the windows to enjoy the views of the outside. In the decoration, natural tones and materials dominate, combined with accurate and cheerful bursts of color.

Sofa with chaise longuefrom Grassoler. Blue and yellow cushions and blanket, by Filocolore. Printed cushion, Nordic Style. Antique table and fish box, from the Meritxell Ribé studio. Lamps, by Louis Poulsen. Laminated flooring Oakfrom Meister.

Outdoor dining

Furniture, by Bauhaus; kitchenware, from Cado and plants, from Jardiland.

Fresh brushstrokes

The combination of different shades of blue and green brings an extra dose of freshness to the garden dining room. In contrast to yellow, tableware gains visual interest. Kitchenware, from Cado.

Pure energy

Sunny days seem to have taken over this room. The textiles, and especially the yellow bursts, give the environment an extra luminosity, as well as a joy and vitality typical of the summer season. Blue and yellow cushions, for sale in Filocolore.

Two connected environments

The blue mesh, in stairs and railings, is a decorative element that gives visual continuity to the two environments of the room, located at different levels.
Rattan armchair, from the Meritxell Ribé studio. Sideboard and low cabinet for television, series Aura, from Treku. The maxi pendant lamp is the model Sonorafrom Oluce. Carpet Havanaby Francisco Cumellas.

Author Design

Tulip chairs, created in the fifties by Eero Saarinen and edited by Knoll, raise the decorative level in the dining room. With an organic shape and a single central foot, they waste style. Linen tablecloth, from Materia. Baskets, Nordic Style.

Current style kitchen

White is the protagonist in this refined aesthetic kitchen where the furniture, smooth and without handles, next to the countertop and the walls, create a uniform and ultraluminous front. In contrast, the grayish pavement, which gives even more relief to the white.

Kitchen designed by Meritxell Ribé, with custom-made lacquered furniture and countertop, from Silestone. Plate, from Siemens. Bell, from Fagor.

Kitchen Distribution

In front of the kitchen window, from wall to wall, the office, which occupies all that front. The newspaper dining room consists of a bench and a table flown, projected by
the Meritxell Ribé study. With their refined design they harmonize with the kitchen cabinets, but being oak, they break the chromatic unit and visually delimit their space.
Griffin, by Hansgrohe. White sink with additional bucket. Porcelain Pavement, by Apavisa.

Children's area

The basement of this townhouse is a multipurpose space, with a seating area and space to play. To emphasize: how the sofa-sofas print a casual air and chill out To the environment.

Sofas with upholstery from Güell-Lamadrid and furniture with toy boxes with wheels, designs of the Meritxell Ribé studio, made to measure. Yellow cushions and numbers garland, Nordic Style. Wicker basket, from Filocolore. The fiber pendant lamp is also from the studio.

Multi-colored carpet

It is a design of the Meritxell Ribé studio.

Study or work area

The breadth of the basement allows
create an area that consists of a double desk and two swivel chairs that are proof of creative recycling or upcycling, Which is a trend in decoration.
Desk and drawers, design by Meritxell Ribé. Chairs Scooter, from the Bel & Bel studio, made from original Vespa motorcycle parts. Flexo, from Artemide. Knitted poufs, from Sacum.

Very practical

Braided fiber baskets, so useful in any room, are also details trendy, ideal for adding rustic brushstrokes to the decoration.

Bedroom with bathroom

The rest area and the bathroom are separated by a glass partition, which creates a feeling of greater amplitude in both, and allows the passage of natural light to the second, which lacks windows.

Dressing room

Bed in bleached pine, designed by the Meritxell Ribé studio. Along with these lines, the dressing room, with custom cabinets and a large pouf with Indian fabrics, also from the studio. The carpet is from Hanna Korvela.

Country chic

Style tips? Lamas in bleached pine on the headboard, flowers in textiles and patchwork. A success: alternating woods of different width energizes the front, which achieves a more natural air. Bedding, from Filocolore.

Subtle division

The decoration of the walls in the bedroom, which combines mauve paint with chalk and a bleached pine baseboard, extends into the bathroom, separated by a colorless glass, with sliding door. A solution that, in addition to optimizing the space, makes the circulation more fluid.
Bleached pine headboard, interior design studio design, where the fiber lamp also comes from. Quilt, Selena duvet cover and cushions, from Filocolore.

Modern and functional

In a small space, the optimal organization of the bathroom stands out. With the sink facing the toilet and bidet, a passage area opens to the shower, with a dish installed at ground level and a completely transparent screen.

Washbasin cabinet, design by Meritxell Ribé. Sanitary suspended, from Galassia. Towels,
from Filocolore. In the shower, porcelain, of the firm Inalco.

Spa look

The tap with cascading water harmonizes with the aesthetics of the bathroom, which bets on the transparency and brightness of the glass, an omnipresent material, also chosen for the washbasin front.

Townhouse plan

- Coatings for a serene staging. The color and material homogeneity provides the home with visual continuity, which in turn transmits feelings of spaciousness and order. The white walls, oak laminate and new stairs, interior designer design, are the common thread between the environments.

- Bright and practical kitchen. The smooth and lacquered doors of the cabinets and the tandem front cooking-countertop coated with Silestone, offer continuous surfaces and easy cleaning. With the same criteria they were designed for office, a bench and a table flown that, having no legs, make the task of scrubbing the pavement much more comfortable.

- Bedroom in suite room. The distribution takes advantage of the space. In front of the windows they face the rest area and the dressing room, with bright doors that propagate natural light. Inside, a separate bathroom, separated by a window. It is accessed by a sliding door that, open, does not reduce useful surface.

First floor Basement


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