What you should keep in mind when buying a barbecue

What you should keep in mind when buying a barbecue

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Leroy Merlin

Summer and barbecue are the perfect couple to enjoy outdoor meals. If you have decided to buy one, write down our tips and you will be right. Savor the grill.

Which barbecue is better for a house?

If your terrace or garden is large, the best is a barbecue, and if it is small, a portable. Depending on the type of ignition, you will choose the one you like.

Barbecue of coal It is the most popular since coal is easy to store and acquire. Cooking is good, but it generates smoke, it is complicated to clean and difficult to turn on.

Barbecues to gas. It stands out for its simple ignition, its cooking power, the little smoke it generates and the ease of cleaning. Its main disadvantage, that you need a butane bottle.

Of wood. It is the one that gives a better flavor to the food, but the space that the wood needs and the difficulty of ignition are its big hits.

BBQ or barbecue electric It does not generate ash or smoke, just a button to light it, but it does not provide that extra flavor.

More important details: How to choose the right barbecue

Shopping for your barbecue:

Barbecue Two for one

To buy

699,95 €

Butane and coal gas hybrid barbecue, with grill function, Charboil, model Duo. In

Glowing brush!

To buy

8,79 €

Peel off the remains of the grill with a steel bristle brush like this one from Gainwell.

Forks Forks

To buy

10,99 €

Keep your fingers clean while eating corncobs, chicken wings or sausages, with the Pubiao cob skewers.

Portable barbecue

To buy

79,95 €

If you have a small terrace, desktop models are the best option. They take up little space, are light and each diner can prepare the food to their liking. Barbecue, Swiss Peak model.

Basic utensils

To buy

16,99 €

You can not miss the basics to start preparing a barbecue. With this case you will not miss anything.

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