20 homemade tricks that changed our lives

20 homemade tricks that changed our lives

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Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Place more shoes on the shelves

Supposedly, we have always poorly organized shoes. If you store the pairs in different directions (from the heel to the tip) you will take better advantage of the space and you can buy some more shoes to fill the hole!

2 Eliminates wear marks on shoes

If you rub a cotton ball impregnated with petroleum jelly in your nude shoe, you will remove any dark spot without problem.

3 Make your vacuum cleaner work harder

If the plastic nozzle for the corners that comes with your vacuum cleaner is not flexible, make yourself one with a cardboard tube of toilet paper. Just put it on the nozzle and adjust it to the space you want to vacuum.

4 Reuse office supplies

Since the magazine racks, clips and even classifiers not only serve you for work, they are also super useful accessories for order at home.

5 Hide the clothes under the bed

With a bed with a chest, like this one from Ikea, you will gain extra space under the mattress and you can store out of season clothes in this space. Great!

6 A cart with wheels in each space

In the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room? Probably this ingenious and versatile cart with wheels, from Ikea, is one of the most practical furniture in the house.

7 A perfect flower arrangement

It is very annoying when the flowers start to grow and overflow by the vase. If you use a grid-like tape, you can easily avoid it!

8 Fold the towels well

The type of shelving you have determines how to fold the towels. If you want to take advantage of the space, you just have to look closely and fold them according to what you are going to place on a more horizontal or vertical shelf.

9 Optimize space in your suitcase

Supposedly, all of us have poorly organized the suitcase during our life. The star of HGTV, Davin Bromstad gives us the guidelines to do it: try to roll up the clothes to save space, stack the bras by shapes and use shower caps so that the dirty shoes do not mix with the clean ones.

10 Prevent the pie dough from splashing

You just have to place a piece of paper plate in the blender with the same diameter as the bowl and the whole dough will be in the oven and not on your shirt!

11 Try the duvet burrito technique

Do not stop washing your comforter because then it is very difficult to put it back in the cover. With this technique of folding it like a burrito, it will be super easy to make the bed again.

12 Extend the life of your strawberries

Surely they will not be able to keep them fresh forever. But if you wash your strawberries in a cup of vinegar and three of water before putting them in the refrigerator, you will eliminate the bacteria that causes them to poach faster. Of course, before storing them, make sure they are dry.

13 Use the backs of the cabinets

If you want to gain extra space anywhere in the house, you just have to look at the back of the door of any closet. An example? This grocer placed in the pantry door.

14 Rake the leaves only once

All you need is a piece of cardboard and convince your agile son to lend you a hand.

15 Check that the eggs are fresh

It is very easy to know if eggs can be eaten or not. Put them in a glass of water: if they sink, they are fresh, and if they float, you can throw them away.

16 Get a practical and fun children's bed

The genius behind the design of this bed by Ikea has surely won the "Best Father of the Year" award. As you can see, this model is simply great!

17 Shelves with double use

The simple and decorative shelves of Ikea not only serve to place books or exhibit objects in the room. If you need space to place in the bathroom, you can also put them, as a shelf, on the sink area.

18 Fold the kitchen paper better

Normally it seems that you need a million kitchen napkins to clean up any mess. Follow the tricks of Shake and Fold Trick and you'll make sure you only need a napkin for every disaster.

19 Eliminates annoying deodorant debris

It turns out that the foam that is used for dry cleaning is also useful for removing deodorant stains. You just have to spread the foam on the shirt and voilà!

20 Gain more space on your kitchen countertop

Place a cutting board with a hole on the garbage can to directly dispose of food waste. An idea to cut food easily, comfortably and that there is no space left, since when you don't use the "extra" countertop you can save it.