An old barn is today one of the most stylish houses

An old barn is today one of the most stylish houses

In Pals, a town of Under Empordà Girona, is this house - built in 1900 and always used as a barn and warehouse - which now opens a peculiar distribution and impeccable interior design, which combines the stone walls and the original beams, with refined and current designs. The transformation is a work of the architect Glòria Duran Torrellas, carried out by the developer Cases Singulares de l'Empordà. On the ground floor are the entrance, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a multipurpose room and the
garage. But it is on the first floor, which is accessed through a transparent railing staircase, where the project surprises with its originality.

For the house to win an outdoor area, the architect projected a playground where there was not before: it emptied part of the roof, although it maintained the main facade, so as not to alter the image of the construction from the street. This plant is converted into a penthouse where all the rooms are articulated around the new space, with glass perimeter and sliding doors. The environments now enjoy an incredible luminosity and, in addition, they seem wider. Among the numerous successes of the project, it should be noted that the rehabilitation has been carried out with sustainability criteria. Some examples: roofs and pavements have been thermally insulated; the windows, in aluminum, are new and with thermal bridge breakage and double glazing under emissive -more efficient, to achieve greater energy savings-; it has solar panels for hot water supply; All lighting is LED technology; and it has a home automation system for light control and air conditioning, heating and air conditioning.

- The house maintains its rural essence by exposing the stone walls and the original wooden beams, but its interior design is modern and its distribution, functional.
- The first floor win an outdoor space, after emptying a part of the deck. It is a patio of about 22 m2, where it has also been built mini pool. The rest of the space on this floor is organized around the patio, with glass perimeter, to connect visually with living room and bedroom, which have direct access through sliding doors.
- The few partitions from this floor they do not reach the roof, they are topped with glass, to show the continuity of the roof.

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The house, which preserves the old stone walls, has been decorated in a modern style in which the refined design furniture stands out. On
the new platform, made of doussie wood, the carpets provide color and dynamism. Codefrom Joquer. Seat Coconut, a classic by George Nelson edited by Vitra. Catania carpets, from Gan. Coffee table, designed by the architect Glòria Duran Torrellas, responsible for the rehabilitation project.

Cushions with flowers

A partition, which does not reach the ceiling to reveal the continuity of the roof, separates the living area from the space shared by the dining room and kitchen.
Cushions: with flowers, by Lu Ink; and with rattan and feathers, from Calma House, where the sack bag comes from the ground. Blanket, by Matèria. Tray, from Ikea. Paper pots, from Mayflower. Floor lamp AJ, edited by Louis Poulsen.

Tear lamps

The dining room, which maintains the color homogeneity with its white color, is located next to the island, which houses the sink.
In the background, a new space, designed to provide a toilet to the common areas. Plaid on the table, and napkins, by Matèria. Individual circular and bowls, from Ikea. Tear lamps Pluja, designed by the architect Glòria Duran. Basket, from Zara Home.

Island with sink

The kitchen was projected on two parallel fronts. One is equipped with the hob and the columns of the ovens and the paneled refrigerator.
The second consists of an island, with a sink and breakfast bar, to which the dining room is attached.
Series furniture Urban Polar Gola, from Ambit, in Cuina 1. Grifo, from Hansgrohe, in Tono Bagno. Ceramic hob and oven, from Bosch. Countertop made in Krion Lux 1100 Blanco, by Monthersan.

Enclosure with sliding doors

View of the patio from the dining room. Created on the first floor, after emptying part of the roof, it gives the house an outdoor area and plenty of light. The main rooms maintain the visual connection with him through a closing with sliding doors.

Mini pool on platform

In the patio a mini pool was projected on a wooden platform, to convert this space to
Outdoors in a refreshing oasis. In harmony with the original beams and walls, the floor was paved with handmade tufa tiles.
Pool, designed by Glòria Duran. Cushions, bag and carpet, from Calma House. Tray, from Mayflower.

Ground floor plan

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

First floor plan

Blue coating

Ipe platform, by Berbio Fusters. The coating
Pool blue is a vitreous micro-mosaic,
from Reviglass, in Nedapool.

Glazed enclosure

Image of the patio from the living room, which seems wider because it gains visual depth through the large glass enclosure. Next to these lines, detail of the raised platform, which borders the pool.

Aluminum carpentry

The bedroom, with direct access to the patio, maintains the hallmarks that define the house: the contrast between the white and smooth surfaces, and the original stone walls. Aluminum carpentry, by Cristalleries Bisbal. All bedding is from Filocolore, except the cushion with profiles, which is Lu Ink.

Sliding door

The bedroom stands out for its optimal distribution. On the wall opposite the headboard, there is a desk from which you can access an independent space, with dressing room and bathroom. To emphasize: the partition that separates them is finished off with a glass window so that the natural light reaches both. The three plaids are from Filocolore. On the table, pots, of Mayflower.

Hydraulic mosaic

The contrast of the cladding, hydraulic tile and centenary stone, makes the walls the protagonists of the bathroom decoration. To them is added the natural wood and a clean and refined design washbasin, which give the environment a vanguardist air. Sink Stone-silent; faucet, by Hansgrohe; hydraulic mosaic; hydromassage bathtub Intro, from Hidrobox. Everything, in Tono Bagno.

Wooden countertop

Very cozy. The sink rests on a wooden countertop, practical to have toiletries, but also provides warmth to the space and harmonizes with the hydraulic mosaic. Everything, in Tono Bagno. Baskets, from Ikea.

Tear lamp

The details: they are a safe value when it comes to personalizing a stay. Through them the tastes or personality of their owners are reflected. Tear lamps Pluja, designed by Glòria Duran Torrellas.

Custom headboard

It covers the entire wall and houses LED inside, which provides indirect lighting, ideal for creating an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom. All bedding is from Filocolore, except the profile cushion, which is Lu Ink.


Very natural. This type of details of wood and braided fiber put the finishing touch to the decoration of an updated rustic style atmosphere. Individuals, from Calma House. Bottles of Sacum. Ikea's box.

Dressing room and desk

Everything fits! Through a sliding door, the bedroom communicates with the dressing room and a bathroom. A success, the desk has the same background as the width of the partition, whose hidden face part of the dressing room.