So I take care of myself… Back to the routine!

So I take care of myself… Back to the routine!

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Lisa Eldridge, makeup artist, video blogger and collaborator of Lancôme, gives us the keys to create a day makeup.

Use Miracle Cushion in two steps: first spread a very thin layer and then insist with small touches in areas that need extra coverage (granites, stains, etc.)

Apply several layers of the Hypnôse Drama mask in zigzag and comb movements and fill the eyebrows with Le Crayon Sourcils.

He puts the lipstick, the bright pink Shine Lover.

Advertising - Keep reading below Tips for your personal care

It is true that vacations are the best restorative and that rest and relaxation in themselves become a beauty cure. But let's be honest, also during those holidays we commit excesses and usually eat and drink more than the bill. That's why I come back I try to make a detox diet, to purify me inside and out. It's really simple, it has no secret. Simply eat less meat and more vegetables. Drink plenty of water and natural juices, dispense with alcohol completely and also with dairy, sugar and hydrates. In a couple of weeks, I feel much lighter, and my skin and hair thank me. Try and see.

Photo: Patricia Gallego. Made in My New York Street.

The ideal dressing table

You want a dresser, but the designs don't go vintage? This proposal will fit you, it's the model Batik, by Versat, which includes a practical compartment with interior divisions, which facilitate the organization of cosmetics and protects them from light. Finished in white and wood, it is inspired by Nordic designs.

Manicure center

More than a manicure center, The Nail Project has an extensive menu of services that includes facial and body treatments, hair removal and massages. All in a careful environment and with a flirtatious decoration, so that each visit is more than a procedure.

Moisturizing lotions

Hydration is the best recipe to show off radiant skin throughout the year. The Sabon firm proposes an intensive beauty ritual with its shower oils, scrubs and moisturizing lotions.

Scrub and cream

BCL spa signature massage and scrub, are the exclusive products that will be applied to manicures and pedicures

Skin treatment

Special treatment for seasonal changes: Time Master Intensive Program, Valmont. A beauty program in 14 vials.

Intimate soap

It is important to use the right product for intimate hygiene. The sweet almond soap, from Babaria, is tested under gynecological control (€ 2.15 / 300 ml).

Against the harmful effects of pollution

The City Skin Solution serum, from the Givenchy Vax'in line, is a youth reactivator that slows down the harmful effects of pollution on your skin (€ 93).

For hair growth

If the hair falls out or is weak, we must act. Isdin has launched Lambdapil Hairdesity, a food supplement that provides volume and stimulates growth (€ 25/60 capsules).

New fragance

The mythical Flowerbykenzo fragrance family welcomes a new member; is about L'Elixir, a new fragrance that symbolizes the power that a humble flower can hold (€ 63.50 / 30 ml).

Beauty blog

To convey the values ​​of the brand, announce its news and talk about beauty, the blog of the firm Shiseido is born. How beauty girl, You're going to love it. //