A detached house with large spaces and large windows

A detached house with large spaces and large windows

A living room with structure of double height Y open to the garden it is the most representative space of this single family Home, located in the Madrid mountain range.

When her current tenants saw her for the first time, they fell in love with her: with three floors, private garden and generously sized interiors, she perfectly adjusted to her way of life. In addition, they would not have to face uncomfortable reforms and could reserve all their energies for decoration. The first thing they raised was deciding the style that would prevail in their home. An issue that was not complicated at all, because both were clear that they wanted very modern, comfortable and functional environments.

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A large common area, with integrated living room, dining room and kitchen, is the most striking and representative space of this house. This one, with a double height structure and large glazed enclosures, benefits from a wider range of views. For its decoration, we opted for a neutral base, to which later red brush strokes were added in textiles and accessories.

Blank lacquered bookcase

Dining room and kitchen share the same surface. To separate these two environments without losing visual amplitude, it was played with the different ground height. Customize the library. Combine books with objects that talk about you. Frames with photos, initials, small sculptures, signs ... And do not forget to put a natural touch with simple floral arrangements.

Half-height wall

The dining room was located in the lower part, next to the living area, and the kitchen, in the upper part. In addition, a half-height wall was raised.

Gray upholstery

We opted for a neutral base, with wooden furniture and upholstery in gray tones, to which later red brush strokes were added in textiles and accessories. To provide visual depth, two large openings were opened in the partition that separates this environment from the stairs. Sofas, armchair and pouf, from KA International. Tables made to measure by a cabinetmaker. Silk carpet, from KP. Cushions, from Los Peñotes.

A studio / guest room

One of the rooms on the first floor was reserved to locate a cozy living area with a working corner. Its decoration follows the same aesthetic line as the rest of the house. Sofa with chaise longue, from Ikea. Cushions and lamps, for sale in Maisons du Monde. Mesa, on the way home.

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High stools

The wall that separates this room from the dining room was accompanied by a pair of high stools to be used as a breakfast bar. Red lacquer furniture, from Schmidt Kitchens.

Columns with appliances

In the kitchen, the furniture was distributed along two walls and an island was installed in the center. On one front, under the window, the scrubbing area was located and on another, columns with appliances.

Transparent chairs

The combination of red, white and steel creates a bold and modern contrast in the kitchen. Glued
To the central island, a newspaper dining room was created, with a white DM table and steel legs, transparent chairs and a lacquered wooden high chair. Tobias table and chairs, made of plastic and chromed steel, from Ikea.

Flower pots, in white and gray

Although the furniture in the living area and the dining room are made of different materials, in both of them the same aesthetic line was followed and played with the white color as the conductive thread. Cushions, by Leroy Merlin. Flower pots, in white and gray, from Los Peñotes.

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Wooden platform

Playing with different materials on the floor is an excellent resource to delimit environments in the garden. Lawn with wood or ceramic is a perfect combination. Cushions, by Leroy Merlin. Crockery, for sale in Los Peñotes.

LED lighting

Plan the lighting well. Combine spotlights, sconces and floor lamps to create the perfect atmosphere. Consider using LEDs: they have a longer lifespan and consume less energy than other types of lamps.

Ladder of flown steps

Metallic, flown wooden steps and steel railing, communicates the different heights of the house. The wall was painted in a dark gray tone to create a continuity between the colors and the decoration of the rest of the house.

Upholstered headboard in capitoné

In the master bedroom, it was possible to recreate a modern and sophisticated atmosphere, with lacquered furniture and different shades of gray in the bedding and the headboard upholstered in capitoné. When combined with white details, the room gained luminosity, in addition to looking wider.

Headboard and armchair, from KA International. Tables, from The Furniture Globe. Table lamps, from Ikea.

Wooden countertop

A front of the bathroom was occupied with a wooden countertop, on which two square sinks were installed, which is also used as an extra support surface to leave toilet products on hand. Underneath, a flying shelf was placed in the same material and finish, very practical for storing towels, organized in fiber baskets.

Towel rail

Is your bathroom small? One solution to optimize the space is to place a towel rail on the shower screen. The wall and the space behind the bathroom door also have storage potential.

Rocking chair in white

Break the monotony. Mix plain and patterned fabrics in the same color range. Headboard upholstered in capitoné, from KA International. Bedside table by Ikea. Lamps and bedspread, from Zara Home. Plaid and matching cushion, by Leroy Merlin. Rocking chair, by Kenay Home.

Housing plan Infographic

The architectural peculiarities of the house were used to locate the environments: the two levels of the ground floor house the living area and the dining room on the one hand, and on a higher level, the kitchen. To preserve a decorative continuity, even in such a large house, we chose to use a single color range in all environments.

The Gray, in different shades, predominates in upholstery, smooth and with discreet prints, and in large part of the walls of the house. In the common areas, this tone has as a counterpoint a striking touch of color Red -room upholstery, auxiliary furniture and kitchen cabinets-, which breaks the chromatic austerity of the decoration. On the first floor, reserved for the bedrooms, the light and dark gray tones were contrasted with white and beige brushstrokes. Another element that also manages to enhance this sense of continuity is the wooden platform clear that covers the floor of the whole house, except in the bathrooms. The wooden flooring, in the same tone and finish, is also present on the staircase that connects the floors of the chalet.

As for the furniture, pieces of current design were chosen, finished in white and light wood, which were mixed with metallic details and transparent plastic and glass surfaces. The result is an avant-garde and orderly decoration, which allows the imposing exterior to be perfectly integrated.