The trendiest: Braided chairs

The trendiest: Braided chairs

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Mauricio Fuertes Publicidad - Keep reading under Outdoor chair Mauricio Fuertes

Perfect for exterior and interior, the model Knit, from the Ethimo firm, surprises with the black mahogany structure and the seat made with an interlaced synthetic cord.

King size

As if it were an XXL wool woven by giant needles. The charm lies precisely in the size king size of braided polyester. Armchair Cape Verde, with aluminum structure and teak legs. From Leroy Merlin, it measures 95 x 89 x 71 cm (€ 497).

Waterproof chair

Perfect for outdoors, it is waterproof thanks to its materials: galvanized steel and synthetic rattan. Chair Elainefrom Bauhaus. Your measurements: 60 x 59 x 80 cm (€ 89).

Handmade form

Your name, Loom, refers to the material with which it is made by hand: a kraft paper reinforced with steel wire. Without sharp joints, so that the clothes do not get caught, it measures 52 x 63 x 86 cm. Chair, by Sika-Design (€ 489).

Aluminum and synthetic fiber

Handmade with aluminum and synthetic fiber, it has a seat and back cushion. Skyline Heart chair. Its measurements: 56 x 60 x 66 cm; (€ 559). In the English Court.

Made of wood

Backrest and armrests are at the same height in the Dealia design. The beauty of its structure is due to the sungkai wood with which it is made. In 59 x 56 x 83 cm (€ 599). From Lene Bejerre.