8 deco jewels that have to be yours on sale

8 deco jewels that have to be yours on sale

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The English Court

When you least imagine, there are wishes that are fulfilled and perhaps today may be the time to get those decorative objects you want. That sofa, that table or that piece that you have visualized in your house and that will bring the style note that you are looking for so much. Take advantage, because during the sale period, you will be able to realize all your dreams, at the best price.

Advertising - Keep reading below You fall in love The English Court

Upon seeing it, the crush arose. It was one of your wishes this season: incorporate into the garden this beautiful sofa with aluminum structure, synthetic fiber braided champagne and green cushions. Its design, spacious and comfortable, and its aged appearance are the cause of that love at first sight. 3 seater garden sofa Le Mans, from El Corte Inglés.

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English style The English Court

It is not only for the elegance of its lines, for its oak wood structure, for its blade backing or for its sturdy upholstery (which too). It is because you have imagined yourself in your dining room and have seen yourself sitting in family with this chair, inspired by the English countryside (and you want it!). It is the Hampstead upholstered dining chair from El Corte Inglés.

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It is so practical! The English Court

With a modern aesthetic, this little table, with a metal structure and industrial style, is ideal to bring personality to that unsolved corner of your bedroom. Perfect as a bedside table, as an assistant to place some plants or as a "bookshelf" for books That's why you are already viewing it at home! Daca metal side table, from El Corte Inglés.

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With the charm of the tropics The English Court

A lush tropical flower print splashes this duvet cover set, 100% cotton. A brushstroke of summer colors that you want to put in your bedroom to travel to the paradise island of your dreams. Java Duvet Cover set by El Corte Inglés.

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Original beauty The English Court

Unique, for its impressive beauty and elegance, for its original triangular design and for its composition. This table, with aesthetic fifties, is made of walnut with rounded legs. It measures 85 cm wide and 40 cm high and is the infallible complement to add style in your living room. Logic you want it! Marby coffee table, from El Corte Inglés.

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Versatile and colorful The English Court

It is one of the most functional resources of the decorative scene. As a complementary seat, as an auxiliary table for informal dinners, as a footrest ..., a pouf is the piece you need to renew the air in your living room or in your bedroom Does it fit you? It's the Simar pouf, from El Corte Inglés.

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Relax moment The English Court

Impossible to resist the velvety charm of your upholstery and that navy color so chic. Not forgetting its walnut-colored wooden structure and its removable polyurethane fiber cushions. It is a piece of retro aesthetics, very comfortable, which will bring the vintage touch to the most lived room in the house, your living room. It is the 3-seater Manor sofa by El Corte Inglés.

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Craft on your table The English Court

You have wished you had it in your outdoor dining room since summer began. You imagined it by bringing the artisan touch to your table or adding a plus of color to your traditional white dishes. Its special pieces, made in terracotta and hand painted in Portugal, make this rustic-style tableware an object of desire. Here you have it. Crockery by pieces Palm, from El Corte Inglés.

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