The 15 most creative ideas to decorate with succulents

The 15 most creative ideas to decorate with succulents

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Advertising - Keep reading under Succulents in fruit baskets

Do not throw the strawberry boxes! Group different plants to create a simple but cheerful arrangement.

Tutorial: Simple As That

Succulents in cages

Hang miniature bird cages to create a small garden with a lot of style.
Get the tutorial at Succulents & Sunshine.

Tutorial: Succulents & Sunshine

Cups of tea with succulents

Give a new life to the old crockery and create a small and elegant composition.

Tutorial: Tattooed Martha

In a dinosaur!

With a prehistoric plastic toy of your children and a little spray paint you can do something unique. Use several dinosaurs of different sizes to create an original set of pots.

Tutorial: Maggie Overby Studios

Succulents in eggshells

These delicate egg shell pots are an ideal (and economical!) Centerpiece for spring. Mix and match with brown eggs to achieve a more rustic style.

Tutorial: Little Inspiration

In tea cans

After spending the last bag of Earl Gray, save the can. And get cans of different varieties of tea to create a beautiful set.

Tutorial: Sisoo

In a kitchen drainer

Recover your old kitchen utensils to put them to good use.

Tutorial: House By Hoff

Succulent Books

This original idea is perfect for bibliophiles. After reading your favorite book enough times, reuse its worn pages to cradle your favorite plant.

Tutorial: Apartment Therapy


These pots for succulent so beachy are very easy to make and will instantly give your space a look from beach house.

Tutorial: Billabong

Succulents on LEGO chips

You will never trip over one of those annoying chips on the floor if you use them for these lovely mini plants.

Tutorial: Journey Into Creativity

Chewing gum machine

A gum dispenser vintage, a succulent lowercase ... and you will have the most beautiful retro ornament of your house.

Tutorial: The Crafted Sparrow

Succulents in jars

There is practically nothing that cannot be done with the well-known Mason Jar, so planting succulents will not be an exception.

Tutorial: The 36th Avenue

Retro telephone

All you need is a retro telephone and neon paint to create this peculiar "pot" for your succulents inspired by the 60s.

Tutorial: I Spy DIY

Wine corks

The perfect excuse to open a bottle of wine! Save the corks to create these mini pots with magnets.

Tutorial: Upcycle That

Canned succulents

A new way to recycle: Your favorite soup will also be the perfect pot for your succulents.

Tutorial: Like a Saturday

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