Tuning an apartment to rent

Tuning an apartment to rent

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A good tenant usually looks at the smallest details. That is why it is basic, if we want to attract the right inhabitants, to prepare as well as possible an apartment that we are going to rent. This technique is known as Home staging and manages to multiply the chances that our property ends up being the home of a responsible and careful person in the shortest possible time. Aware of this fact, the owners of this 50-square-meter apartment decided to put it in the hands of interior designer Noelia Villalba to make it a tune-up.

The first step, as Noelia tells us, was to make reforms: "It was a very compartmentalized apartment with a long corridor. The objective of the reform was to open the spaces, for which partitions were thrown to achieve a spacious master bedroom with built-in wardrobe and a second smaller bedroom that is used as an office, a small but complete bathroom and an L-shaped kitchen integrated in the living room, the important thing was to have a box that reflected the abundant light and extended the space. , we take care of improving and updating all the finishes, providing them with good quality; improving the insulation and installing low consumption heating and boiler, "he explains.

With the base ready, it was time for decoration. Noelia opted for a neutral style with a Nordic tendency (not to be confused with an absence of style), so that she could fit with the majority of potential stakeholders and that everyone felt at home. He used many pieces of wood and white, with simple and friendly lines, which he enlivened with strokes of more vivid colors, such as turquoise and violet, in accessories and textiles.

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The interior designer Noelia Villalba has been responsible for the development of this 50m2 apartment located in Zaragoza.

Good support

At the entrance, console of Maison du Monde.

A table set

view of the dining area, with table and chairs from Superstudio.

Mark the territory

Behind, the living room, bounded by a carpet of Maison du Monde.

More wood

The sofa and the coffee table are from El Corte Inglés and the oak sideboard, from Camino a Casa.

Open minded

The partition was demolished to integrate the kitchen into the living room. Furniture designed by the broken white decorator with integrated handle, oak laminate countertop and paneled Teka appliances.


The bedroom is also the result of the union of several rooms, thanks to which a built-in wardrobe could be installed at the foot of the bed.

Night companion

Next to the bed, chest of drawers and lamp by Maisons du Monde.

Between cottons

Bedding from A loja do Gato Preto and Primark.

Relaxing bath

In the bathroom, floor and ceramics of Saloni, furniture of Royo Group, toilets of Roca and towels of Ikea.

bow elbows

The second bedroom has been designed as an office, with El Corte Inglés table and Kenay Home lamp and sheet.


From the window you can see the rooftops of Zaragoza.

The kitchen before Before The bathroom before Flat

Floor plan of 50 square meters after the reform.