We leave bodorrio ... Outdoors!

We leave bodorrio ... Outdoors!

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Spring is about to arrive, and with it, flowers, longer days ... and pollen allergies! Ok, the latter has nothing idyllic, but it is also part of the spring "charm" ...

Jokes aside, the most famous Vivaldi station is perfect for outdoor weddings, because there is nothing more romantic than a colorful environment with a floral aroma ... And if you add to that a dreamlike decoration, why ask for more? For this reason, if you are going to get married soon, here are several ideas to make it the most beautiful day of your life!

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These chairs decorated with white tulle remind the dress of the bride ... And they are beautiful!

Pinterest: Paloma Martínez Montero

Doors to paradise

A wonderful idea that you can use as an altar, such as photocall, or simply as a magic corner ...

Pinterest: Miriam Abascal

Chic lanterns

Lanterns, red flowers, and rustic-style ropes are all you need to create such romantic lighting.

Pinterest: Rosario Espinosa

Love messages

Great idea to remember the commandments of love before giving the "yes I want"!

Pinterest: Justi Muñoz

A moment to remember

A tree full of photos of your best moments ... How beautiful and how simple!

Pinterest: Pablo

Eco details

Look what you can get with some recycled wooden boxes and some flowers!

Pinterest: Jordynne Hawkins

For the guests

These little leaves with the name of the guests written in golden color are the perfect detail so that no messes are formed when sitting at the table. You are welcome!

Pinterest: Lourdes Lotero

The most beautiful vase

A vase with fresh flowers in the middle of a path of petals ... Simply, dreamy!

Pinterest: Jessica Vázquez

Chill moment

After eating, there is nothing like lying on the grass and relaxing ... Especially if you do it in a corner as special as this one!

Pinterest: Ideas For

With style

With style and very easy to get! You just need a rustic-style fabric and a bouquet of flowers as a bow.

Pinterest: Gabriela Varela

A Moroccan touch

If you want a wedding style boho Do not forget to give a Moroccan touch with these hanging lamps. Spectacular!

Pinterest: Maria De Los Angeles

Rustic Chic

Wooden chairs decorated with sprigs of flowers will be beautiful and very natural.

Pinterest: Celia Medero