8 Very good washbasins for small bathrooms

8 Very good washbasins for small bathrooms

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How to save space in small bathrooms: Fix a washbasin without a pedestal to the wall and recess it on the faucet. There are also corner models with the tap located at the angle formed by the walls.

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For a bathroom with a narrow and elongated floor, this idea is great: a countertop with a lower depth than the conventional ones with a semi-recessed sink and faucet on one side. Thus the space is lightened and freedom of movement is gained. In addition, if you place a shelf underneath, as was done in this bathroom, designed by Javier Domínguez and Alejandro Araujo, you will gain storage areas. Siphon basin in Manuel Gil Ceramics. Tap Talisfrom Hansgrohe.

Fix the lack of space in the bathroom

With a wall-mounted and suspended washbasin; You will not have to put countertop or furniture underneath. This coquettish model is called Alice and is from Roca.

With an open washbasin cabinet,

Without doors and small dimensions, you solve the shortage of meters. You will also get a bathroom to the last, if the furniture has a refined design and a sink with rectangular bucket. Here, the wenge finish of the furniture and the base stand out the porcelain and the shine of the sink and faucet. Sink Vero, from Duravit. Griffin, by Hansgrohe. Decoration, by Isabel Rubio.

Flown basin

Simplify to the maximum, without giving up the decorative, with a design in which sink and countertop are suspended. A chromed tubular structure is the base of this furniture, with glass countertop and Metropol basin, by Resabe, in steel. On the wall, a porcelain tile, by Colorquer, that imitates wood and provides warmth. Everything from Comercial Goberna.

Move the sink

Think about moving the sink to the side of the countertop, provided that the bathroom layout is better. It is usual to place the sink in the center of the countertop but, in bathrooms with limited space, it may be that the sink is too close to the door and the entrance is annoying. You can avoid it with a design like this; a piece of furniture made to measure, to accommodate the sink at one end. It was enough to widen it a little and round it to adapt it to the shape of the sink. Duravit washbasin and tap.

In less than 1 m?

Choose a suspended sink, with a nice rectangular design and a minimal countertop, and place underneath a cabinet with shelves; if it is light in color, you will visually lighten the space. To better organize everything related to grooming, use baskets and boxes; They will help you hide less colorful items. Fiber baskets, from Ikea (€ 3.99 / three).

Modular washbasin cabinet

This original model is made up of two modules that complement each other and allow the maximum use of space. In the upper one a sink was installed and in the lower one a practical closet with two doors was made. In addition, between them there is still space to store the folded towels in a very decorative way.

An element with color always gives a fantastic result.

One of Mapini's proposals is the series Colors, with furniture as flashy as this one. It measures 80 x 60 x 45 cm.