Get a delicious brownie ... in a minute!

Get a delicious brownie ... in a minute!

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We promise you that it is not a fakeYou just need some ingredients, a microwave and a cup.

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As we know that you're already cup in hand wishing to know the mystery, let's go there

- 3 tablespoons pastry flour
- One tablespoon of cocoa powder
- 3 spoonfuls of sugar
- A pinch of baking powder
- Egg
- 2 tablespoons whole milk
- One tablespoon of olive oil
- 3 tablespoons Nutella or chocolate chips

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To mix! Pinterest: Isabel

In a bowl and with some rods, beat the egg. Add the milk and oil, and mix everything.

Pour the sugar, flour, yeast and cocoa.

Mix it until there is a homogeneous lump without lumps.

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Pour the mixture into the cup, but don't fill it up because if not, when you microwave it brownie It will inflate and leave everything lost.

Place the Nutella or the chocolate chips right in the middle of the cup. In this way, when the brownie be ready you will enjoy a very creamy interior.

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And it was time to take action ...

Put the cup in the microwave, and heats for a minute at maximum power.

An advice: Depending on the maximum power of your microwave, you may need a few more seconds. Take a look while it's done, and if necessary take it out and check with a spoon.

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