The islands have reached the baths ... and you will love them!

The islands have reached the baths ... and you will love them!

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The large bathrooms are in luck, because from now on you can enjoy an extra workspace! Yes, you read well ... work, and that is after all the sessions beauty They cost their thing, don't you think?

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The marble island with two sinks separates the bathtub from the rest of the room. Would you put it in your house?

Pinterest: Abla Loudghiri


A bathroom with an irresistible rustic style!

Pinterest: Zen Interiors


In this modern design bathroom the island plays the role of dressing table. Wonderful!

Pinterest: Diana Correa

With outside shower

Perfect for those summer days when the heat squeezes, don't you think?

Pinterest: Paco Loza

With pallets

How about this central island made with wooden pallets?

Pinterest: Vinyl Idea

Dual function

Is it an island or a bathtub? In this life there is nothing impossible, much less an island with integrated bathtub!

Pinterest: Regina Chavez Wu


A bathroom to contemplate for hours. Worthy of an art exhibition!

Pinterest: Dintelo

Mirror Mirror

Having an island in the bathroom is a joy, but if it comes with a mirror included, we don't even tell you!

Pinterest: Molins Interiors


The central wooden island has two sinks ideal for a couple, and in the back ... the bathtub!

Pinterest: BLCFC


With natural stone floor, and even a television! Definitely, this bathroom fits everything.

Pinterest: Jasmine Marley


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