A modern and functional urban flat

A modern and functional urban flat

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Spaces clear, fluid and that do not go out of style. This house is an example of how you can decorate an interior in a simple way, without abusing furniture and accessories, and that is not only functional and practical, but also very elegant.

The apartment, located in Madrid, belongs to Chicmobilia S.L, a company specializing in special houses that renovates the properties with excellent
qualities and a fantastic use of space. The decoration project has been carried out by Paula Balboa Interiorismo in collaboration
with the Atanara store, from which all textiles come.


Paula's goal was to achieve a timeless formula, with little space and warm and recharged.

The interior designer has created a current style, adapted to that of any urban family today. The furniture mixes current pieces, easily combinable, but also some classic that has a lot of presence.


Despite this mix, everything is harmony in this bright apartment. To achieve this, it has been played with duplicity and symmetry, so that the rooms are neat and quiet. For example, in the living room, each element is multiplied by two: the sofa is escorted by a couple of side tables with identical lamps.

A large gathering area has been created in the lounge. The sofa, from El Corte Inglés, is accompanied by two armchairs that, like the paintings, are by Paula Balboa Interiorismo. The pillows and the custom rug, which frames the living room, by Atanara. Two side tables, purchased in Hambel, support lamps with lamps purchased in Guáimaro. David Ballester

Twin tables occupy the center, and two beautiful seats complete the seating area.

READING CORNER. Is chaise longue, from El Corte Inglés, invites you to it. The lamp is from Kave Home. Stools and desk set, from Better & Best. The kentia, from Euroflor, looks in the Los Peñotes basket. David Ballester


The mixture of textures and finishes creates a beautiful set in the dining room.

LIGHT CURTAINS. The white and light curtains sift the light but do not obstruct its passage. They are from Atanara. David Ballester

The table, from Borgia Conti, is decorated with a vase from Guáimaro. The metallic finish of this one coordinates with the iconic golden lamp Spunik. The upholstered chairs in blue add contrast. Both these and the luminaire, from Thai Natura.


The kitchen is integrate into the lounge with cabinets paneled, Without handles.

The ornaments and accessories, in Zara Home. David Ballester

A smooth front in wood finish conceals the cabinets (in the background) and incorporates appliances. The island is a work area lit by three suspended lamps, from Supersrest.


Nor should we forget the important role of upholstery, curtains, bedding, cushions ... The rooms are dressed with high quality textiles:
Velvet, chenille, linen, wrap them with their soft touch and give them life with their intense colors. Azulón, mustaza, rosa, dorado stand out like flashes on an ultranatural and neutral color background. More than enough to heat environments.

MAIN BEDROOM. Capitoné heads are fashionable, like this blue one that tops a bed with splashes of mustard color to create a powerful counterpoint. Everything from Atanara, except the tables, from Thai Natura, and the Guáimaro lamps. David Ballester

The color is a decorative resource used masterfully at home.

SIMPLICITY AND RELAX. The beauty of simplicity is reflected in this bedroom with chenille upholstered headboard and velvet trim. It's from Atanara, like the bedding and pillows; the roses, to match the armchair, by Borgia Conti. The tables, from Thai Natura, are luxurious with Lamparitas de Guáimaro. David Ballester


Walls and floors covered with large-format pieces of this noble material create a continuous surface that reflects light. To subtract some coldness, the closet and the wooden mirror temper the space. The first is a suspended model, to facilitate cleaning.

SHARED BATHROOM. Round sinks leave more free space on the countertop, as well as faucets embedded in the wall. David Ballester


There are hardly any partitions in this diaphanous and comfortable house, which lets light through from one end to another.

The lower floor houses the living room and the open kitchen, which has a breakfast bar. At the end of the floor one of the bedrooms was installed. The other is located in a mezzanine.


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