Do you have guests at Christmas? So you should set the table, a stylist's word

Do you have guests at Christmas? So you should set the table, a stylist's word

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Gathering yours at home, both those who live nearby and those who are far away, is a joy. Organize a top presentation, add a surprise and you will give the bell.

If you don't want to mess ...

You have prepared a special menu, you want to enjoy the evening with your guests and relax. One option is to use part of the disposable utensils.

Nuria Serrano

The pieces that have been used in this table are:

From Blaubloom: paper plates with golden border (€ 5.20 / 8 pieces); different sizes (€ 4.50 / 24); paper bowls (€ 4.50 / 12); single use cutlery (€ 8.30 / 18); ceramic jar with deer head (€ 22.80); metal stars (€ 6.40 each); white trees with light (€ 10.40 each); confetti in the form of stars (€ 4.50) and candle holders (€ 5.10 each). White candles Jubla They are from Ikea (€ 5/20). From Zara Home: cotton tablecloth (€ 25.99); Shallow dish Foil (€ 12.99); Glass cups (€ 5.99 each) and red linen napkins (€ 9.99 / 2 units). The Easter flowers are from Shanghai Nurseries (€ 4 each).

Purchase options to copy the style of this Christmas table:

The English Cut Christmas Tree

To buy

7,95 €

Create a Christmas atmosphere with this tree-shaped ornament.

Affari Champanera

To buy

132 €

The sparkling, at its temperature. Mod. Carter Coller

Ikea Cutlery

To buy

€ 16/24 pieces

The handle adds elegance to the cutlery Ätbart.

Hema cracker

To buy

€ 3.50 / 6 pieces

Your guests will love to read the proverb it contains.

Nordal Cup

To buy

€ 18 approx.

Toast best wishes in this retro air cup.

Very Much Golden Low Plate

To buy

2,99 €

The presence of the golden finish adds style.

Zara Home Napkins

To buy

€ 5.95 / 2 pieces

Is there anything more representative of these dates than snow and reindeer?

Villeroy & Boch Tureen

To buy

90,37 €

Serve the consommé in the tureen Toy's Delight

PipStudio Cup of tea

To buy

€ 16.95 / set

Cup and plate Royal Christmas

Cerabella Candle

To buy

8,95 €

Before you start, flood your living room with a delicate iris flower aroma. Tanvasos candle, from Cerabella.

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