The friendliest crafts for a creative Halloween

The friendliest crafts for a creative Halloween

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With paint, cardboard, wool, bottles, paper ... these crafts bring us a smile and our creative side. We have searched the Pinterest network for all those creations that you would like to see at a glance. Wish granted: here are the do it yourself most friendly of the network.

Advertising - Keep reading below Halloween Hanging Pompoms

A spider with black wool, a ghost with white wool and a pumpkin with orange wool.

It is about making pom poms with the wool for the pumpkin and the spider and placing with wool or rubber eva legs and leaves, respectively. For the ghost you don't need to make a pompom, it is enough to wrap a ball of foil, tie underneath and leave the strands of wool long.

Ghosts on the ground

Via Country Living.

Vertical garlands

With figures: bats, fastasmas and spiders, hanging on a rope. You can take advantage of a garland of colored pom poms to create yours for Halloween.

Candle jars in mummy plan

Glass jars, wrapped in adhesive paper tape and with adhesive doll eyes, too.

Flying Wood Tweezers

Painted colored tweezers to which you can glue some wings with rubber or cardboard.

A crochet zucchini

As an amigurumi, a crochet pumpkin.

Machiavellian balloons

You just have to glue eyes and mouth with black vinyl or paint them directly with indelible marker.

To nail

In cupcakes or in plants. Cut out figures on black cardboard and stick on wooden sticks of skewers.

With tissue paper: pumpkin candy bags

It's about creating pumpkin candy bags. Wrap the candies with orange tissue paper (put several sheets of tissue paper together) and close with a green strip.

Candy-laden bats

A black box with wings. Put eyes and fly!

A nice balloon with candies

Put some candies inside the balloon, inflate it, tie and decorate with green paper on the knot and paint a little face.

Stamps with apple

Cut an apple in half, impregnate in acrylic paint and you will have a stamp or tampon to decorate your creations. When it dries, put a face on your apple to turn it into a Halloween pumpkin.

The most traditional: painted pumpkins

Although we had said that these crafts are not typical of decorating pumpkins, we have not been able to resist this one: gray painted cabins and decorated with borders of Aztec or Greek motifs.

Candle holders

A small glass cup painted inside with orange paint and decorated on the outside with black stickers as a face. Roll a wire around to put a handle.

Halloween Orange Soda

If you drink orange juice, even tomato or some other orange drink, serve it in a transparent bottle and stick eyes and mouth into the bowl. With green ribbons decorate the bottle's loose.

Paper lanterns

To hang where you can think of.